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Watch ‘X-Files” Mulder, Scully Make Out to Hootie on ‘Kimmel’

Hilarious bit finds FBI special agents holding tight to outdated Nineties technology

When The X-Files returns January 24th for its six-episode mini-series, the story will pick up in the present day in a society built on digital technology and post-Edward Snowden surveillance. A hilarious bit from Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! imagined Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) struggling to adapt after 13 years off the air, with Kimmel playing a donut-scarfing FBI agent hired to help the duo get “back into the swing of things.”

The clip opens in an abandoned government lab in New Mexico, with Mulder and Scully walking downstairs to notice an alien preserved in a tube. “Is this what I think it is?” says Kimmel, who stumbles into the room. “Gross.” As the partners frantically attempt to make a call on their outdated cell phone, Kimmel hands them a smart-phone, which Mulder hurls against the wall in fear. Then Scully attempts to use the Internet via AOL, which makes the horrible dial-up connection noise. 

Kimmel tells them to move on from their prime era of the Nineties, a time defined by Hootie and the Blowfish and Beanie Babies. And he promises that, even if their new adventures make for crappy television, it won’t tarnish their previous work. “Even if coming back turns out to be a bad idea, like a really, really bad idea that makes everyone hate you, we’ll still always have the Nineties,” he says. “Also, you two should have sex. You should. It’s been like 23 years. Everybody knows.”

His wish is granted, as the duo make out rabidly to the strains of Hootie hit “Only Wanna Be With You.”


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