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Watch ‘South Park’ Parody ‘Giant Douche’ Donald Trump’s Election Win

“We’ve learned that women can be anything,” Randy says, “except president”

A surprise victory for Donald Trump on Tuesday meant that South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker had to rewrite Wednesday night’s show at warp speed. On Monday, they announced that the episode would be titled “The Very First Gentleman,” implying a Hillary Clinton presidency. When the show arrived on Wednesday, the title changed to “Oh Jeez.”

The election has been an element of South Park all season – in the show’s world, voters must choose between Giant Douche (Mr. Garrison, a Trump-like politician) and Turd Sandwich (Clinton). At an election night party for Turd Sandwich, Randy watches as a befuddled newscaster realizes that Giant Douche will actually be the next president. “Definitely a bit of a surprise here,” the anchor says. “The world is in a bit of a shock. We’re sure this is for real, right?”

Randy responds with terror. “What have you done?” he yells to no one in particular. “You maniacs!” (At the back of the party, another viewer calmly pulls out a pistol, cocks it and kills himself.) Giant Douche delivers a short, cutting acceptance speech. “The people have spoken. Just as J.J. Abrams did with Star Wars, I will make this country great again.”

Later in the episode, Randy finds out that Giant Douche is hypnotized by “member berries,” which make you eternally nostalgic, and he falls under the spell of the same drug. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sure excited – America’s going to be great again,” Randy tells Shelly. “We’ve learned that women can be anything, except president.”

The “almost First Gentleman of America,” Bill Clinton, does make an appearance in the episode, joining forces with Bill Cosby to sing a song for South Park elementary. 

Watch Donald Trump give victory speech as he becomes the President-elect of the United States.


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