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Watch Samantha Bee’s Sanity Vanish Beneath Trump’s Weird Words

‘Full Frontal’ host dissects administration’s willful, nefarious mangling of the English language

Samantha Bee entered the vocabulary vortex to discuss President Donald Trump’s deranged mangling of the English language on a surreal and hilarious Full Frontal segment Wednesday.

Turning the Full Frontal set into a Twilight Zone-esque fever dream, Bee – and a turtlenecked chorus of grammar nerds – did poke fun at Trump’s ramblings and his tenuous grasp on the English language, but they focused more on his administration’s dangerous and willful warping of it. 

For instance, Bee noted how Trump accused former FBI Director James Comey of being a “leaker” after he shared portions of memos he wrote in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. “Remember when the crime of leaking had a legal meaning?” Bee asked. “Sharing recollections of an unclassified conversation doesn’t make you a criminal – it makes you Gossip Girl!”

Bee also explored the complete warping of the term “fake news” from a phrase that meant a genuine hoax to one thrown about to dismiss an opposing argument. “Resistance is futile, government is the deep state, expertise is dangerous elitism, language is dead!” Bee wailed – before playing a news clip in which Ivanka Trump casually misuses the word “complicit.”

Bee took some pity on journalists and the news media for trying to weather this storm, but the avalanche of gibberish was so immense she was unable to get out her final statement before suddenly disappearing back into the void. In her absence, the grammar chorus proclaimed, “We will have been right back.”


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