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Watch Mila Kunis Give WTF Motherly Advice in Exclusive Rolling Stone Video

‘Bad Moms’ star offers helpful tips on dealing with airplane screamers and overbearing in-laws in new RS video interview

Is there anyone subjected to closer scrutiny than mothers? In the new comedy Bad Moms, three mothers — played Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn — declare an end to the tyranny of PTA queen-bees and live their dang lives, mistakes and all. And in a new video interview exclusive to Rolling Stone, Kunis herself dishes out some pearls of maternal wisdom.

The 32-year-old actress tackles tricky social situations from mothers writing in — for example, a pregnant woman who’s dealing with judgemental in-laws after having a glass of wine. Kunis advises a diplomatic move: “You have two options … [one is] not concern yourself with what your mother-in-law thinks. But if you’re gonna let it affect you, just don’t do it because it’s not worth it.”

The next letter details a sister who won’t stop dispensing unwanted parenting advice, and asks for a way to push back. “I would just not listen and smile politely and say ‘thank you,'” Kunis says. “If you can, just smile and go to your happy place. Think about a vacation you’ve been on, think about something like pizza, whatever makes you happy. And then, simply say ‘thank you.'”

She then hands down some sage advice to a mother tired of incurring strangers’ hatred on flights due to her screaming child. Kunis advocates for the high road: “The best thing that I can do is offer help, or ignore it and hope that their kid makes it okay. Looking at them cross-eyed? Ignore that person.”

A couple shades franker than Dear Abby, Kunis then adds, “Forget that, then replace that with a whole other F-word, and do that.” (And there’s the subhead for her first advice book.)

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