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Watch John Oliver Talk DNC, ‘Sociopathic Narcissist’ Donald Trump

“The simple presidential duty of comforting the families of fallen soldiers may actually be beyond his capabilities,” says ‘Last Week Tonight’ host

John Oliver said Donald Trump‘s campaign reached a new low after last week’s DNC, when the GOP presidential nominee responded to Khizr Khan, a lawyer, an immigrant and father of deceased Muslim American soldier, Humayun Khan. In his DNC speech, Khan said Trump “sacrificed nothing and no one.” 

When Trump’s response to Khan, per ABC News, took a defensive turn, Oliver had this to say: “Honestly, the main takeaway from these two weeks is that, incredibly, we may be on the brink of electing such a damaged, sociopathic narcissist that the simple presidential duty of comforting the families of fallen soldiers may actually be beyond his capabilities,” Oliver fumed. “I genuinely did not think that was a part of the job someone could be bad at.”

Khan also questioned Trump’s knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, telling the nominee, “I will gladly lend you my copy” – a burn Oliver called “an American founding document being inspirationally used as a middle finger.”

During his DNC deep dive, Oliver compared all the major speeches, joking about Joe Biden’s inspirational one-liners. “Come on! Come on!” Oliver said, mimicking his tone. “Once he has left the White House, Biden is going to be the most inspiring Soul Cycle instructor ever. Come on! Pedal! You own the finish line!”

He also praised Michelle Obama’s acclaimed speech and observed Hillary Clinton’s “granular as fuck” approach. “She stood before the nation in full Pitbull cosplay,” Oliver joked at the nominee’s all-white ensemble. “She had a genuinely stupid amount of balloons dropped on her head. And in between delivered a speech focusing on the actual job requirements of being president.”

Elsewhere, the comedian poked fun at Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine, “a human sweater vest” and “basically the portrait of a vice president that came with the frame.”

But the conversation inevitably swung back to the RNC and its leader. “Trump hasn’t said one crazy thing,” Oliver said. “He’s said thousands of crazy things, each of which blunts the effect of the other. It’s the bed of nails principle: If you step on one nail, it hurts you. If you step on 1,000 nails, no single one hurts you and you’re fine.”

From Hillary Clinton’s moving speech to the Bernie delegate walk-out, here are the best and worst moments from the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Watch here.


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