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Watch John Oliver Nominate Lord Buckethead For Brexit Negotiator

‘Last Week Tonight’ host explained U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s disastrous snap election, A.K.A. “a crumpet-fuck of epic proportions”

On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver explained the disastrous results of U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s early “snap election.” Despite May’s goal of consolidating power before Brexit negotiations, the move resulted in a hung Parliament. The comedian described it as a “crumpet-fuck of epic proportions.”

In the first half of Oliver’s uproarious segment, the comedian offered numerous punchlines about May’s political turmoil. In one jaw-dropping video clip, the Prime Minister stood onstage next to her political opponents to hear the election results. The list of rivals included a person dressed in an Elmo costume and an intergalactic space ruler named Lord Buckethead (in reality: a political satirist wearing a black cape and bucket), who wound up with 249 votes.

Oliver broke down part of Lord Buckethead’s campaign platform, which included “the abolition of the Lords (except me)” and “stop stealing arms to Saudi Arabia. Start buying lasers from Lord Buckethead.” The comedian added, “and he did this all while looking like Darth Vader fucked an Amazon Echo.”

Oliver explained that May’s loss was the result of “mistakes, flip-flops” and awkward interviews, including one where she admitted the “naughtiest thing she’d ever done” was run through a neighbor’s wheat field. “I cannot imagine a scenario when that is ever naughty,” Oliver cracked, “unless you’re doing it while high on PCP and fucking a cantaloupe.”

The Prime Minister is clinging to power, and Brexit negotiations are set to begin on Thursday, June 19th. The talks need to be completed by March 2019 – a particularly difficult task due to the numerous factors (like trade) that need to be ironed out. To help with his mammoth ordeal, Oliver suggested May send over a “career negotiator” that the EU would never expect: Lord Buckethead.

Despite admitting they could have “just made a similar costume and put an intern in it,” Last Week Tonight flew the real space lord to their set for a grand episode finale. 

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