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Watch John Oliver, Colbert Talk ‘Turbo-F–ked’ Trump-Russia Scandal

Comedians commiserate over Trump Jr.’s stupid emails, dearth of consequences

John Oliver and Stephen Colbert attempted to parse the seriousness and stupidity of the ongoing Trump-Russia scandal and Donald Trump Jr.’s damming emails on The Late Show Wednesday. While Trump Jr.’s decision to not just meet with a Russian representative promising damaging intel on Hillary Clinton, but tweet out the email exchange about the meeting on his own, bewildered Colbert and Oliver, the two were unsure if there would even be any consequences.

“I’m used to a world where we’re divided on things like abortion, or taxes, or government control of healthcare – polarizing issues,” Colbert said. “Have we become a nation where colluding with a hostile foreign power to manipulate our election is a left-right thing?”

“I don’t know, but the very fact that you just said that sentence out loud shows that we are turbo-fucked!” Oliver cracked. “What I found amazing is [Trump Jr.’s] confidence in saying, ‘This is nothing.’ And I don’t know what he’s referring to there – the contents of the emails or the contents of his head. If it’s the second, I agree, if it’s the first, I fiercely disagree.”

Elsewhere, Oliver spoke about how “Stupid Watergate” – the term Last Week Tonight came up with to describe the Trump-Russia scandal – has continually proven to be disconcertingly apt, while he and Colbert also commiserated over the frightening possibility that the Trump administration is simply too dumb to realize the magnitude of the scandal. The two hosts also discussed their trips to Russia and the nerve-wracking sensation of being constantly followed and watched.

“My producer found someone in his hotel room,” Oliver said. “He was just there and he was near the window and he said, ‘You called downstairs to have your window opened.’ It’s February, we’re in Moscow, you have to try harder than that.”

A bombshell ‘New York Times’ report shows Trump campaign figures were willing to accept assistance from the Russians. Watch here.


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