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Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Ameowadeus’ Parody and Other Post-Oscar Trailers

The host envisioned viral videos as blockbusters at last night’s post-Oscars special

Last night’s Academy Awards was a clash of cinematic titans, with Matthew McConaughey snatching Best Actor from Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett triumphing as Best Actress over legends like Meryl Streep. Nevertheless, the evening’s most profound battle was based in the animal kingdom: In one of four goofy fake trailers aired during ABC’s post-Oscars special, Jimmy Kimmel envisioned viral video sensations “Keyboard Cat” and “Hamster on a Piano” as dueling composers in the Amadeus-parodying “Ameowadeus.”

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As the narrator says, it’s “a tale of two maestros – one blessed with the gift of music (Keyboard Cat); the other (Hamster on a Piano) cursed to languish in his shadow.” It’s probably one of silliest bits Kimmel’s ever attempted, utilizing A-list talent like Christoph Waltz, Ben Kingsley, two-time Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey and “Sir James Kimmel,” who appears as “Dramatic Chipmunk.” 

Kimmel’s most dramatic trailer, “Bitman Begins,” parodies the classic “Charlie Bit My Finger” while poking fun at the intense dramatic style of director Christopher Nolan. Chris and Liam Hemsworth star as the video’s two feuding children – only it’s been 30 years since the initial biting incident, and Charlie (Liam) is now locked away in a dungeon for his crimes. Meryl Streep plays the duo’s mother, utilizing a bizarre British accent, and Tom Hanks is amazing as a monkish prison guard. “His teeth were like razors,” says Chris Hemsworth. “I will find him, and I will destroy him.” This leads to an epic rooftop battle sequence seemingly ripped from a Dark Knight DVD bonus feature.

Next up is the wackiest (and least effective) parody of the night – a riff on Sweet Brown and her infamous “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” rant on a local news report. This one features Academy Award-winner Queen Latifah as the notorious Brown, transporting herself to historic American events and delivering her solitary catchphrase. Oscar-nominated newcomer Barkhad Abdi randomly shows up as Barack Obama, while Adam Driver steals the show as a manic Steve Jobs. 

The evening’s final parody riffs on Baz Luhrmann’s grandiose visual style and the viral staple “David After Dentist.” Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as the title character, a confused (and highly sedated) boy who ponders his own existence after receiving some dental work. But the film version is more psychedelic, based “in a world where fantasy is reality,” as “one boy will discover how awesome it is to be on drugs.” Samuel L. Jackson pops up as a demented dentist, while Seth Rogen appears as the stoned “Double Rainbow” guy.


It was a big night for Kimmel all-around: According to the Hollywood ReporterJimmy Kimmel Live! averaged nearly 7 million viewers with last night’s post-Oscars show.


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