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Watch Hannibal Buress Troll PETA Protestors in ‘Why?’ Bit

Comedy Central show finds comedian debating concept of a “vegan wolf,” asking members if they’d eat meat for millions of dollars

For his latest “man on the street” bit on Comedy Central series Why?, Hannibal Buress poked fun at PETA members protesting the use of animals in circuses. The comedian posed ludicrous – but hilarious – hypothetical questions and pointed out perceived flaws in the group’s logic, all while maintaining his chill, unrattled exterior. 

“Do you consider yourselves the Black Panthers of animal protesting?” he asks one member. “I would say it’s the Civil Rights Movement for animals,” she responds. “I think Martin Luther King was an inspiration, and if we could be the Martin Luther King for animals, why not?” Buress asks another PETA member what animal she’d choose for reincarnation – and when she selects a wolf, he points out that she’d need to eat sheep for survival. “I’d probably be a vegan wolf,” she fires back.

When not protesting the protestors with his own “CHILL OUT!” sign, Buress disregards the health – and sexual – benefits of a vegan diet (“My performances are top-notch”) and wonders aloud if circus elephants can still enjoy the spotlight (“You don’t think there’s a couple elephants, that, despite the abuse, get out there, see the people and [think], ‘It’s my time to shine!’?”). 

The comedian ends by tempting the PETA members, asking if they’d eat meat or eggs for millions of dollars. Everyone refuses, except one woman, who admits she’d consider a piece of chicken for $50 million: “I think I would have to be presented with the money and know that that was real,” she says.

Why? premiered earlier this month, utilizing a high-profile cameo. In the debut episode, Buress tracked down his most vicious Twitter hater, which turned out to be fellow Comedy Central star Amy Schumer.

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