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Watch Fans React to ‘Game of Thrones’ Shocking Season Finale Death

“Fuck you for that ending,” yells one fan

This post contains spoilers.

Sunday night’s Season Five finale of Game of Thrones found Valar morghulis — “All men must die” — taken to its extreme conclusion with the deaths of multiple characters. But the biggest, by far, was Jon Snow, who, as our recap noted, “fell like Caesar by the blades of his supposed brothers, slain for treason against the Night’s Watch even as the largest killing machine in the world — the army of the dead — marches for their destruction.”

Like many of the most beloved characters’ deaths, devoted Thrones fans had some visceral and shocked reactions to Snow’s death, ranging from surprise to anger to tears.

“Stop killing my people,” bemoans one fan in the above supercut of people reacting to Snow’s death (via Uproxx). “Fuck you for that ending,” yells another with extended middle fingers. The video is a veritable Kubler-Ross spectrum of emotion — minus the acceptance — as fans cry, cower, scream and huddle together for comfort.

“There was the terrible certainty that washes over Jon Snow’s face the moment he sees the sign reading ‘TRAITOR,’ writes Sean T. Collins. “Like Sonny Corleone realizing why the toll booth worker ducks before his enemies open fire. Each death was written and shot to feel unique, and uniquely awful.

“With this episode, the show has caught up with George R.R. Martin‘s books in almost every way,” Collins added. “At any rate, it’s departed from the story significantly enough to make the future as hard to predict as Stannis’ loss was in Melisandre’s fires.”

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