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Watch Brad Pitt, Stephen Colbert Ponder Existence on ‘Late Show’

Actor and host enjoy profound bro-down while questioning universe, afterlife, time travel and other existential paradoxes

Stephen Colbert enjoyed a profound bro-down with Brad Pitt on Tuesday’s Late Show, with the host and megastar asking “Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars.”

During the sketch, Colbert and Pitt lay on a blanket staring up at the stars and wondered aloud about the universe, afterlife, time travel and other philosophical questions (as well as to plug Pitt’s upcoming Netflix movie War Machine).

“If the universe includes all of existence, what existed before the universe,” Pitt asks Colbert, who responds, “Probably a teaser trailer for the universe with, like, one really good scene that isn’t even in the universe when it’s released.”

On the subject of life after death, Pitt admits he’s unsure, but “I definitely believe in death after life.”

Gazing up at the heavens, Colbert says he sees “an endless void. No answers. No meaning. No way to construct coherence from the swirling chaos,” before admitting he’s looking at a cloud that resembles Sean Spicer.

Later, when asked to describe infinity, Pitt quips “it’s one less than the number of Oceans sequels we’ll be making.”

The deep conversation ends with the age-old conundrum, “Would you rather time travel to the past or the future?” Colbert says he would travel to next Friday, May 26th, the day War Machine premieres on Netflix.


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