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Watch ‘Blindspot’ Star Sullivan Stapleton Take on Crazy Fan Theories

Actor speculates on fate of Jane Doe, new FBI operations in our exclusive new ‘Fan Theory Exploder’ video

On the breakout thriller Blindspot, continuing its second season tonight on NBC, Sullivan Stapleton plays Agent Kurt Weller, Assistant Director of the FBI’s New York Office. As the handler for the enigmatic amnesiac dubbed “Jane Doe” and her coded full-body tattoo, secrets are his day-to-day work — making the actor perfectly suited for the latest installment of “Fan Theory Exploder.” In a new video exclusive to Rolling Stone, the star reviews some of the most buzzed-about conspiracies from the Blindspot fandom, laughing some off and leaving others suspiciously unanswered.

As for whether Jane Doe will ever be permitted to pick a new name for herself, he says, “Yes, of course she will. We don’t know what it’s gonna be yet.” He does not place nearly as much credence in the next card, which reads, “Weller and Jane will make up, and he will get her name tattooed on his lower back as an apology.” After a big guffaw, he rules, “Ha! Nice. I am not going to get a tramp stamp … Whatever her name is, he’d probably tattoo it somewhere else.”

Stapleton apparently sees a few grains of possibility in the notion that “Mayfair was actually part of Jane’s operation, but went rogue within the FBI.” He admits, “Now that is a good theory … Did the writers hear this?” There might be something to the next one as well, supposing that a repeat head injury could jostle Jane’s memory back into place — Stapleton laughs and says, “We were just talking about that, actually. Jaimie broke her nose in a stunt on the show.”

And the actor cracks a joke at his own expense in response to the suggestion that “Kurt will unravel the answers to everything, only to have his mind wiped too.” With a grin, he cops to a real-life connection to the theory: “I’m learning all these lines every day, but then if you asked me what I said yesterday, I’d be like, ‘What? I forgot.'”


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