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Trailers of the Week: ‘Capone,’ ‘The Eddy,’ ‘Solar Opposites,’ and More

From the notorious gangster’s final days to a jazz-club owner’s attempts at survival, here’s the week to come


Netflix original 'The Eddy'

Lou Faulon/Netflix

Brave New World

“You are an essential part of a perfect social body,” says an overhead voice. “Everybody in their place. Everybody happy now.” This perfect society is New London, where life is free of pain and there is no such thing as monogamy, privacy, money, or family. But just outside New London’s bounds are the Savage Lands, where no such restrictions exist. The teaser highlights an emotional moment between Demi Moore’s character and her son. “There’s no pain there, John,” she says. “No fear. I want that for you.” (2020)


After a flash of violent black-and-white scenes from the gangster’s past, the clip turns to a bright day in Florida as Tom Hardy’s Al Capone looks out over his estate with a cigar. However, his life in Florida isn’t a paradise. The clip focuses on Capone’s struggle with “full-blown dementia” and a hidden fortune whose location is obscured by Capone’s deteriorating mind. Based on true events, the clip teases a dangerous blurring of the gangster’s past and present in his final year. (May 12th)

Dangerous Lies

A down-on-their-luck couple suddenly inherits a fortune from the elderly man they were working for in a new Netflix thriller. While this unexpected gesture of kindness seems like a great relief, it quickly upends Katie’s life when she finds herself surrounded by deception. Katie (portrayed by Camila Mendes) is forced to question everything, even her own husband, as their new life turns into a trap. (April 30th)

The Eddy 

The frantic sounds of jazz follow Elliott Udo (portrayed by André Holland) as he struggles to manage his house band and keep his Parisian jazz club — The Eddy — afloat. While those tasks already come with their share of strain, the situation becomes more fraught as Udo is roped into his partner’s shady dealings. Debt looms over both Udo and the club, but it’s not the only thing putting on the pressure. Udo has his own history tucked away in New York, and it comes back to him when his daughter unexpectedly turns up, pleading with him to return. (May 8th)

Solar Opposites 

While figuring out how to fit in is a common problem for Earth dwellers, it’s even harder for this family of “Shlorpian” aliens. The new Hulu series — brought to us by Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland — promises plenty of laughs at the expense of our own human behavior. When the two alien kids are teased at school, they take revenge on their classmate by pouring soda over her brain. “Wow, it really is making her dumber,” says the Shlorpian daughter as the bully’s speech dwindles. “I can’t believe humans drink this stuff!” (May 8th)

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