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Trailers of the Week: ‘BTS Universe Story,’ ‘The Mandalorian,’ ‘Emily in Paris’ and More

From a much-needed dose of new “Baby Yoda” footage to a peek into BTS’ new interactive game — your week in movie and TV series trailers.

the mandalorianthe mandalorian


American Murder: The Family Next Door

The new Netflix crime documentary examines the Watts family murder when Chris Watts killed his wife Shanann and their two young daughters in 2018. The film is made with a haunting twist: some of its narratives is told by Shanann herself, though old vlog footage she recorded. In one video, she says, ““I went through one of the darkest times of my life, and then I met Chris. And he’s one of the best things that ever happened to me.” It’s not long before the happy-family image created in the first moments completely disappears. (September 30)

BTS Universe Story

Clocking in at just over ten minutes in length, the new trailer gives BTS fans an immersive look inside the new “interactive social game” centered around the group. The game blends live-action and CGI footage in order to create different worlds, from a burning city to a fantastical ocean scene. In the end, we see the group in school, wearing uniforms. While we can see a story start to develop, fans are going to have a say in the gameplay. The choices they make will impact the story as it goes on.  (September 24th)

Emily in Paris

The creator of Sex and the City takes on a new location: Paris. Emily (Lily Collins) is a Chicago girl who leaves her life behind for her dream job as a marketing exec for a luxury French company. She arrives in Paris with endless possibilities before her – though she doesn’t yet know that these possibilities also include a French lover with a surprise girlfriend and a seemingly dysfunctional workplace. (October 2nd)

Escape From Extinction

Helen Mirren gives her voice to the new conservation documentary film, urging us all to help fix the environmental problems we created in the first place. “One species may soon erase all the others,” she warns in a voiceover as footage shows animals struggling to survive in a plastic saturated world. Not only are we battling time, she points out, but those trying to rectify the damage done are also up against another danger: widespread miss-information. (October)

Harry Chapin: When In Doubt, Do Something

Husband, father, storyteller, musician, and philanthropist – the new film explores the many roles Harry Chapin took on in his life before his untimely death in 1981. In the new teaser, Billy Joel remembers hearing a line from one of Chapin’s song “Cat’s in the Cradle” and having the hair stand up on his arms. Elsewhere, Kenny Rogers says, “[He] may have been the most unselfish person I’ve ever met in my life,” touching on Chapin’s lasting commitment to fighting hunger and homelessness. (October 16th)

The Mandalorian, Season Two

The new season finds the Mandalorian still in the midst of his journey: Brining the Child (or “Baby Yoda,” as the internet calls him) back to his kind. Not only does this mean that the Mandalorian must seek out “enemy sorcerers,” (the Jedi), but the duo are navigating through a world of destruction in the wake of the collapse of the Galactic Empire. They meet plenty of opposition along the way, though we’ll have to wait until the premiere to catch a glimpse. The clip bars some of the action from our view, taking on Baby Yoda’s point of view as he hides from the violence. (October 30th)

Moonbase 8

Three goofy astronauts, Fred ArmisenJohn C. Reilly and Tim Heidecker, are determined to show NASA that they have what it takes to complete a moon landing mission. However, it’s a wonder that NASA even employees them on their Earth-dwelling locations. Undeterred by their lack of skill, the trio sticks to their goal. “I’ve just got a lot on the line here,” Cap (Reilly) says. “I screwed up my whole life, that’s why I need to get to the moon. I go up to the moon, I’m a hero.” As for the others, they want to carry on a family legacy and spread the good word of Jesus Christ.(November 8th)


Paramedics Steve (Anthony Mackie) and Dennis (Jamie Dornan) have seen their fair share of accidents – enough so that they can know when something much darker is at hand. It starts with an ominous crime scene: “Time is a lie” is written out in graffiti on a living room’s wall and there are traces of a new psychedelic party drug – Synchronic – out in the open. While more and more of the accidents they encounter seem connected, Steve finds out that he has a brain tumor and beings to experiment with the new drug himself. What comes next unravels his very understanding of time. (October 23rd)

Your Honor

Bryan Cranston stars as a respected New Orleans judge in the new Showtime series. Cranston is used to making heavy choices on the bench, but nothing prepares him for when his son is involved in a deadly hit-and-run – as the person who ran. The death causes an all-out war between crime families with Cranston right in the middle, grappling with his morals in ways that he’s never before had to. (December)


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