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Trailers of the Week: ‘Boogie,’ ‘They Ready,’ ‘The Violent Heart’ and More

From a high-stakes basketball drama to Tiffany Haddish’s latest comedy showcase — your week in movie and TV trailers

euphoria, Trailers of the Week: 'Boogie,' 'They Ready,' 'The Violent Heart' and Moreeuphoria, Trailers of the Week: 'Boogie,' 'They Ready,' 'The Violent Heart' and More

Eddy Chen/HBO



Like many high schoolers, Alfred “Boogie” Chin has dreams of playing in the NBA. Only, for Boogie, there are a few key differences. One, that he’s an actual prodigy with a shot at success. Two, that other people see his Chinese heritage as a reason to count him out. Even his own mother discourages his dream, urging him instead to earn a scholarship for an elite college. Aside from navigating the court and his culture, he has peers and anew girlfriend to focus on, too. (March 5th)

Euphoria, Special Episode Part Two

“Rue was the first girl who didn’t just look at me. She actually saw me,” Jules (Hunter Schafer) says in the newly released clip. “The me that’s underneath a million years of not me.” That doesn’t mean that things aren’t complicated, though. The new special episode follows up a previous edition that focused on Rue’s perspective. Now, fans see the drama of their relationship unfold from Jules’ eyes. (January 24th)

Fake Famous

The new HBO documentary has an experiment to test out: Can three regular people fake their way into social media fame – with real payoffs? From buying hundreds of fake followers to staging luxurious “spa” photos that are really just backyard kiddie pools filled with rose petals, the film tests the limits of influencer culture. Will brands be duped into partnering with influencers whose on-screen lives are fake? The (unsurprising) answer is yes. (February 2nd)

They Ready, Season 2 

Tiffany Haddish has returned with six different comedians for a showcase packed with laughs and energy. This season, none of the comedians are newcomers. Instead, Haddish selected veterans — “professionals at tickling the soul” as she describes them — who she feels deserve more shine. “This season, I purposely made sure that everybody was black because I’m black,” Haddish says in an outro. “Was that too much? I’m sorry.” (February 2nd)

The Violent Heart 

Daniel (Jovan Adepo) has a degree, a job, and stepped up to take care of his mother (Mary J.Blige) and little brother. Still, doors are closed to him; he’s been to jail. Daniel’s past is also full of questions surrounding the death of his sister and his own violent outbursts that sneak up on him. Despite these struggles he carries, Cassie (Grace Van Patten) breaks through his emotional walls. While passionate, their romance faces serious obstacles — like their age gap, and the dark secret Cassie discovers about his sister’s death. (February 19th)


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