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‘The Voice’ Power Ranking: Team Adam’s Savvy Finish

Our week-by-week take on which judges’ singers are the strongest

Adam Levine and Javier Colon

Adam Levine started out the season impressing us with his ability to rope in a strong team despite having the least cache among his fellow judges. So it’s no surprise his team of one jumped ahead last night, when things really started to count.

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Judge: Adam Levine
Rank: 1
Team: Javier Colon

Why: Javier’s tendency to play his cards safe usually scores him low in our rankings, but last night he hit his two challenges out of the park. His original song, “Stitch by Stitch,” was about as perfect for him as Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror,” both of them smooth, pitched high and lyrically wholesome. No doubt Javier’s savvy coach had something to do with the totally apt pairings.

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Judge: Blake Shelton
Rank: 2
Team: Dia Frampton

Why: Dia’s been an iTunes favorite since her acoustic version of Kanye’s “Heartless” hit airwaves, but there was something missing from her performance of “Inventing Shadows” Tuesday night. Whether it was the awkward background dancers or a misstep in song-choice that threw her off, she was gasping for air on the stage like a drowning woman.

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Judge: Christina Aguilera
Rank: 3
Team: Beverly McClellan

Why: Bev is full of love for all her fellow competitors, so it may ultimately not bother her if one or two of them edge ahead. Her original song, “Lovesick,” simply wasn’t memorable enough to compete with either Javier’s or Dia’s, and the force-feeding of Christina’s “Beautiful” didn’t help. Whatever happens though, Bev’s got the heart and lungs of a champion.

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Judge: Cee Lo Green
Rank: 4
Team: Vicci Martinez

Why: Vicci benefits from Cee Lo’s agility with the staging budget, but her voice alone isn’t enough to beat the other three. Though she closed out last night’s episode marching sure-footedly with Cee Lo for an ultra-theatrical version of “Love Is A Battlefield,” it may not have been enough to push her original song, “Afraid to Sleep,” ahead of the others’.

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