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See Stephen Colbert Get Supreme Court Ruling From Sonia Sotomayor: ‘Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?’

Late-show host also asks justice whether all dogs go to heaven and if it’s okay to microwave fish

After Stephen Colbert pumped iron with Ruth Bader Ginsburg earlier in the year, the Late Show host returned to Washington, D.C. to spend some quality time with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

“I worked out with RBG, she can throw the big steel, so I was delighted when another Supreme Court Justice – this time, Sonia Sotomayor – agreed to sit down with me,” Colbert said on Friday’s Late Show. “She has an amazing life story which she’s telling in two new children’s books.”

Colbert and Sotomayor’s conversation at the Library of Congress – the late-show host was not permitted to film inside the Supreme Court building – ranged from children’s books to the “hot gossip” at the Supreme Court to the one crime Sotomayor committed in her life: Stealing a quarter out of a payphone.

“Thankfully, the statute of limitations have passed,” Sotomayor said. “Probably most citizens, at some point in their life who drive, have gone over the speed limit. That’s a crime too.”

As one of the arbiters of key legal issues in America, Sotomayor is then asked to weigh in on a handful of questions, including whether “all dogs go to heaven,” if it’s okay to take a penny if you never leave a penny and if microwaving fish is allowable. Colbert also learned that Sotomayor has no knowledge of Ghostbusters.

The host also posed the same question he asked Ginsburg earlier in the year: “Is a hot dog a sandwich?”

“My definition of sandwich is something between two parts of a bread or two slices of a bread, and under that definition, a hot dog can be, because whether the breads are tied together or not is irrelevant. So I would answer yes under that definition,” Sotomayor said. “By the way, I love hot dogs.”


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