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Stephen Colbert on Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test: Trump Is ‘100 Percent Douche’

“This test accurately reveals with a high confidence that Elizabeth Warren is running for president,” says late-night host

Last night Stephen Colbert had a lot to say about President Trump’s ongoing feud with Elizabeth Warren over her Native American heritage. The Democratic senator, whom Trump often refers to as “Pocahontas,” confirmed via DNA testing that she does, in fact, have Native American ancestry, to which Trump has responded, “Who cares?”

After playing a clip of Warren’s video confirming the test results, where she speaks with Carlos Bustamante, a professor of genetics at Stanford University, Colbert affirmed that this tells us something very important. “You heard them right,” the host said. “This test accurately reveals with a high confidence that Elizabeth Warren is running for president. That we know. It came back positive.”

Colbert also addressed Trump’s lack of interest in the test results, which he himself has been calling for. Last July Trump said during a rally that if he had been debating Warren he would have offered her $1 million to a charity of her choice if she agreed to take a DNA test that “shows you’re an Indian.” Now Colbert is surprised to see that Trump isn’t following through on his promises.

“Well, after years of mocking Elizabeth Warren, clearly the president must have had a lot to say about these test results,” Colbert told the audience before playing a clip of Trump quipping “Who cares?”

“You care!” Colbert replied. “You’re literally the only person who cares! In fact, you cared so much you once offered $1 million to charity if Senator Warren proved she was part Native American. A fact reporters reminded you of today!”

Colbert added, calling back to Trump’s initial speech when he claimed Warren would like refuse the test, “Well, Mr. President, she didn’t say no. She said yes. But rumor has it, you don’t know the difference.” He concluded the segment by noting, “We don’t have to wait for the president’s DNA. He’s 100 percent douche.”


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