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See Keegan-Michael Key Revive Luther, Obama’s Anger Translator on ‘Colbert’

“Everyone of y’all in the White House has lost your damn mind,” Luther says

Keegan-Michael Key revived his beloved Key & Peele character Luther, Obama’s Anger Translator to criticize the Trump administration during the actor’s Tuesday night visit to The Late Show.

“There is very few things we’ve heard from President Obama since he left office. Literally, just a couple sentences out there talking about policy,” Stephen Colbert told Key. “I was wondering if I could read what Obama has said and Luther could translate that.”

Key played along and – after bugging his eyes out and upping his intensity – transformed into Luther as Colbert read him Obama statements regarding health care and the Mexican border wall.

“Trumpcare! More like ‘Trump Don’t Care!,” Luther yelled at the audience before taking aim at the Republicans. “Y’all gonna kill some people, but you know what? Most of the folks in America want this country to still have people living in it! I would say you people make me sick, but I can’t afford that because I have no damn insurance.”

Luther then poked fun at Donald Trump’s nonsensical statement that the Mexican border wall must be transparent so people aren’t crushed accidentally by 60-pound bags of drugs being tossed over the wall.

“I’ve seen a lot of movies from the Eighties, and I ain’t seen nobody die from a head injury. Scarface, nope! Less Than Zero, nope! Cheech & Chong, drugs yes, but head injury, nope,” he said. “And 60 pounds of drugs? Who they got throwing these things over the wall? You telling me John Cena got a Mexican cousin over there?”

Not even six months into the Trump administration, Luther concluded his rant by promising to keep a vigilant eye on the White House on behalf of Obama.

“Everyone of y’all in the White House has lost your damn mind! Imma tell you one last thing: I thought I was on a forced retirement y’all, but it look like Obama still need me, so I am back,” Key’s character said.


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