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See Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman Scold Bernie Bros Voting for Gary Johnson

“I like him. He’s a nice guy. But he’s another in my basket of fucking idiots,” Maher says of Libertarian candidate

Sarah Silverman and Bill Maher spent a portion of Real Time Friday wondering why 29 percent of millennials – many of them former Bernie Bros – have ticketed their vote to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson instead of Hillary Clinton.

Silverman, whose support for Bernie Sanders shifted immediately to Clinton once the former Secretary of State won the Democratic nomination, said that Sanders supporters should be voting for Clinton, since she’s the only candidate who, as president, would help make Sanders’ goals as reality.

“He needs an ally in office. That’s why I don’t understand these Bernie or Bust people,” Silverman said, echoing her “in the moment” remarks at the DNC. “I don’t know what their long game is. I don’t know what their perfect dream scenario is.”

Maher, however, took a stronger approach toward swaying Bernie Bros back to Democratic Party. “Gary Johnson is a fucking idiot,” Maher said. “I like him. He’s a nice guy. But he’s another in my basket of fucking idiots… We thought he was a cool guy, you know he smokes pot, he was for pot. He does not make pot look good, by the way.”

Maher next showed a video of Johnson’s biggest campaign trail goofs, from his inability to name one foreign leader to his cluelessness regarding Aleppo. The host also listed all the issues that Johnson differs from Sanders: Health care, the TPP, Citizens United, gun control, free college, minimum wage and more. “He’s for nothing that you fucking people want,” Maher told the Johnson-voting Bernie Bros.

Maher and Silverman both admitted that, in the 2000 election, they voted for third party candidate Ralph Nader, which they deemed now as “a mistake.”

Voters of all political persuasions will find something objectionable in Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson’s positions. Watch here.


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