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Samantha Bee Slams NRA Regulations in Pursuit of Gun Safety Mascot

‘Full Frontal’ host exposes egregious rules preventing Americans from owning their own Eddie Eagle costume

Samantha Bee highlighted a glaring, surreal NRA double standard on Full Frontal Monday, stockpiling a small weapons arsenal while trudging through red tape as she tried to nab her own Eddie Eagle costume, the NRA’s gun safety mascot.

As the host explained, the NRA has set up myriad hurdles in front of potential Eddie Eagle buyers and has even banned the resale of costumes on secondary markets. Bee, however, was able to send an employee to a parking lot in Atlanta to buy a used shotgun out of a man’s trunk.

But while the NRA’s rules did not deter Bee, her pursuit grew more Kafkaesque. Producers tried to track down Eddie at a New Mexico gun show, but returned only with more guns. And after learning non-law enforcement groups could purchase Eddie Eagle costumes, Bee formed a safety group — but was once again foiled by the NRA’s strict, and apparently in-flux policies regarding who could purchase Eddie.

Finally, Bee found Eddie at a home builders expo outside of Nashville, Tennessee, but the man in the suit sadly declined her $3,000 cash offer for the costume.

“The NRA’s nationwide costume control prevented me from getting an Eddie,” Bee bemoaned at the end of her journey. But using all those guns, she was able to “Etsy” her own.

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