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Samantha Bee Breaks Down Fox News’ Stranglehold on Trump White House

Network has grown “from a simple old-fashioned propaganda factory into a new kind of state television that’s arguably as powerful as the president it created,” says ‘Full Frontal’ host

Samantha Bee dug into The New Yorker‘s recent Fox News exposé, exploring the network’s massive influence over President Trump — and, reportedly, its desire to protect him from scrutiny.

“Unlike the literal spanking [Trump] got from Trump Magazine when he first met Stormy [Daniels], this time he got a figurative spanking from a much more reputable magazine,” the comedian said to open the segment, breaking down the bombshell report from Jane Mayer. The piece documents how Fox News allegedly buried the Trump-Daniels affair news prior to the 2016 presidential election — an act Bee called “the reverse James Comey memo” — and then passed on a follow-up story exposing how The National Enquirer buried the Daniels news as a favor to Trump.

“In other words, Fox News buried a woman’s story about burying a woman’s story, then buried another story about that story being buried,” Bee said. “It’s like watching Inception.”

The host also recapped some of the other “bonkers details” from Mayer’s report “that we already knew but no one talks about” — like how former Fox News co-president Bill Shine is now head of communications at the Trump White House. Bee also touched on how the president reportedly ranks “the loyalty of many [Fox News] reporters on a scale of 1 to 10.”

“Trump is so insecure and desperate for the approval of his TV pals that he lets them sweet-talk him into bone-headed decisions like the government shutdown and his border wall emergency.,” she said. “He also turns to his favorite network when he needs to fill official jobs, repeatedly hiring or nominating the people he sees on Fox — except for the time he was accidentally watching the wrong channel and appointed Dr. Pimple Popper as ambassador to Norway.”

“Fox News is such an extension of the Trump administration that the president is closer to Sean Hannity than almost any of his staff,” she continued. “The two speak nearly every night after Hannity’s show, like a booty call from the world’s grossest booty. Hannity is so influential, White House advisers secretly call him the ‘Shadow Chief of Staff.'”

She concluded that Fox News’ influence has reached a dangerous level. The network, she said, has developed “from a simple old-fashioned propaganda factory into a new kind of state television that’s arguably as powerful as the president it created.”

“But at least Trump is term-limited,” she added. “We’ll be living under Fox’s influence as long as there’s a supply of fresh teenage blood to keep [CEO] Rupert Murdoch undead.”


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