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Watch Samantha Bee Celebrate Dems Taking House in 2018 Midterms

‘Full Frontal’ host dissects new chaos overwhelming Trump administration

Samantha Bee broke down the good and the bad from the midterm elections, as well as the new kind of chaos that’s already begun to grip President Trump’s administration on Full Frontal Wednesday.

Bee opened her show with the deluge of news that’s already overwhelmed the election results, such as Trump forcing out Attorney General Jeff Sessions and then presiding over yet another wild press conference. During this rare appearance in front of the press, Trump not only insulted reporters and Republican candidates who lost, he also struggled to figure out how many Senate seats Republicans may end up with. “I haven’t seen Trump struggle with math this much since somebody asked him how many kids he has,” Bee cracked.

As for the midterms, Bee noted that Democrats winning back the House of Representatives means that Trump will face genuine oversight for the first time in his presidency. “It means Maxine Waters can subpoena the fuck out of Trump’s tax returns – actually it means she can subpoena the fuck out of everything he does,” Bee said. “She is gonna look under his wig! She is gonna irritate the shit out of him every day, and we get to watch!”

Bee pointed out that the 2018 midterms also marked the first time that over 100 women were elected to the House, while she also highlighted the myriad progressive ballot measures that passed, including Florida’s decision to restore voting rights to felons. “I’m gonna say something I rarely get to say,” Bee cracked: “Good job, Florida. Now you can smugly claim to be better than Kentucky and Iowa, where felons can’t ever vote, and you can’t see Pitbull perform six nights a week.”

Of course, the midterms also had some depressing results, such as Iowa congressman Steve King – “the world’s only Nazi carved entirely out of butter,” Bee joked – winning reelection and Democrats dominating the Senate popular vote, despite losing multiple seats. Still, Bee stuck with the positives, saying, “This victory is just the start of a much larger fight. Now is the time to work harder than ever to make this country more progressive. And yes, it means a hell of a lot that the Democrats took back the house, but in two years, we’re coming for another one.”


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