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Samantha Bee Calls on Patriotic Americans to Annoy Scott Pruitt

‘Full Frontal’ host details EPA chief’s dangerous attempts to repeal Clean Power Act

Samantha Bee dug into Scott Pruitt’s already grimy record as head of the Environmental Protection Agency and called on viewers to challenge his efforts to repeal the Clean Power Act on Full Frontal Wednesday.

The Obama-era regulation aims to cut pollution from existing power plants 32 percent by 2030. Despite the myriad environmental and health benefits of the Clean Power Act, Pruitt defended the repeal by touting the importance of deregulation and “working within the framework of what Congress has passed.” As Bee also pointed out, his tenure as Oklahoma Attorney General was packed with attempts to sue the EPA into oblivion and he continues to have a cozy relationship with the fossil fuel industry located in his home state.

“Not shockingly this gas-tastic Okie decided to gut his science advisory board, presumably because they were advising him to do some science,” Bee joked. “But Pruitt already has all the advisors he needs: Mining executives!”

Bee then highlighted a meeting between Pruitt and Tom Collier, the CEO of the mining company Pebble Ltd. Partnership. One hour after they met, Pruitt ordered EPA staffers to withdraw the environmental restrictions on Alaska’s Bristol Bay. “Holy shit, just one hour to fuck over Alaskan waters?” Bee cracked. “That’s only half as long as Paul Ryan’s daily self-hating exercise regiment!”

While Bee admitted stopping Pruitt is nearly impossible because elections have consequences, she did note one way Americans could needle him over the repeal of the Clean Power Plan. “Sometimes your jerk stick is the only thing you’ve got left in your toolbox,” Bee said. “If any American submits a request for a hearing on this rule change before October 31st, Pruitt has to hold one. We don’t know for how long or where it will be held, but I do know, if enough patriotic Americans show up that day, Scott Pruitt will be so fucking annoyed.”

Comments and hearing requests can be submitted to the EPA via the Federal Register.


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