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‘Revenge’ Recap: Master of Illusion

A wedding day gone awry; Amanda’s secrets start to surface

czerny victoria conrad stowe revengeczerny victoria conrad stowe revenge

Henry Czerny as Conrad and Madeleine Stowe as Victoria in 'Revenge.'


“To successfully create an illusion, the first thing you need is trust. But to perfect an illusion, the false reality must appear as authentic as the one it hides. Careful attention must be paid to every detail. The slightest of imperfections can, like a pin to a balloon, burst the illusion . . . and the truth behind the illusion becomes revealed.”

Truer words couldn’t have been spoken on this week’s episode of Revenge, as a small crack appeared in Emily’s house of cards. One false move and it’s sure to collapse.

As bride-to-be Victoria goes gown shopping with Charlotte, the Grayson men get fitted for their tuxes in Daniel’s office. But father-son time is broken up when Aiden and his velvety accent barge in. Conrad quickly exits, thinking Daniel and Aiden have important business to attend to. And indeed they do, as they discuss their plan to overthrow the unsuspecting patriarch.

While the quickest wedding in the world comes together – Conrad just proposed last week! – Emily and Amanda devise a cover story about how faux Amanda’s gnarly scar disappeared and come up with a plan to get super-sleuth Mason off their backs.

At Grayson mansion, Creepy Kara sneaks up on Victoria while she’s gazing at an old photo of David Clarke. It’s amazing no one thinks Kara’s up to anything, since she’s always asking questions while doing something, you know, creepy. This time, she oddly fondles a bottle of perfume while once again grilling Victoria about her supposed kidnapping. When Miss Vic calls Gordon Murphy (aka the white-haired man) “evil,” it seems like Kara wants to spray that bottle of Chanel No. 5 right into her eyes. But she refrains, instead having a flashback to sexy time with Murphy. Ew.

Speaking of Murph, Emily is dragging his body out of a freezer when Aiden calls trying to rope her into being his date to the wedding. After some bargaining she agrees to go, in exchange for him handing over the gun that killed the human popsicle.

Now, our least favorite storyline – the head-spinning hexagonal vortex of Daniel, Nolan, Padma, Grayson Global, NolCorp and David Clarke’s paperwork. Ashley suggests Daniel invite Nolan to the wedding under the assumption he’ll bring Padma so they can suss out the situation. Of course, Emily has no social life, so she’s watching the whole convo go down on her spycam. 

In another boring and befuddling storyline, new Stowaway co-owner Kenny is butting heads with a liquor supplier. When Jack breaks things up, the supplier warns, “I hope you know who you’re dealing with.” That’s what’s called “foreshadowing.” Oooo. Yawn.

On the beach, Emily/Amanda runs into Creepy Kara painting and has a flashback to when the mother-daughter duo used to do this together. You know, before mother drowned daughter in the ocean. Drowning, schmowning. Let’s gab, ma! The two chit-chat about painting, the upcoming wedding, Emily’s broken engagement to Daniel. It seems like a meandering conversation, but we can’t help but think psycho mom is stuffing all this info in her back pocket for a rainy day. “I’m very good with secrets . . . and the Graysons will get what’s coming to them,” Kara notes matter-of-factly.

Across the Hamptons, Mason quizzes Amanda about her scar. This time she has an answer – she had it removed after being released from juvie because it held too many painful memories. He seems to believe her story, and is soon fixated on the Graysons once again when she lets it slip that Conrad used to work with the white-haired man. Oops.

On Victoria and Conrad’s wedding day, Charlotte bails, opting instead to go help Declan re-open the Stowaway. Meanwhile, Nolan defies Emily’s demand that he not go to the nuptials. In fact, he falls right into Daniel and Ashley’s trap and invites Padma. He wants to find out for himself if his new lover is trying to screw him and his company by cavorting with Daniel when it comes to that head-scratching hexagonal vortex we mentioned. Is it just us or have Nolan and Daniel lost some of their charm by being transformed from loafer-wearing beach-bum brats to corporate suits?

Right before the wedding, one of Conrad’s cufflinks goes missing. And, on this show, you know that means said cufflink is up to no good. So, keep this in mind, folks! 

Over at a trailer park, Mason’s finally cornered Gordon Murphy after following the oh-so-obvious breadcrumb trail Emily and Amanda left for him. But, surprise! Not. He’s dead. And right below his bullet-ridden body? That crafty little cufflink we warned you about.

Meanwhile, clueless Conrad tells Victoria he believes they were destined to be together, gifting her with a mother-of-pearl handgun. Yeah, that’s a great gift to give someone who hates your guts. As soon as he leaves, she answers a call from Mason, who puts a smile on her face with the discovery he’s just made. He’s already got the cops at their manse and it’s only a matter of time till they arrest her hubby-to-be. She’s never been more ready to get married, practically bouncing down the aisle. Bring it on!

As the reception begins, the cops find the matching cufflink in Conrad’s closet and the smoking gun in the trunk of his car. At the very same moment, Victoria and Daniel share a dance, during which she calls him “a worthy successor” to his father. Check and mate.

After this, Daniel seeks out Padma to tell her he dropped the ball on the whole “David Clarke thing.” Immediately following, Nolan calls her out about her secretive plot, which she basically says was a “screw up” she then felt compelled to hide. Yada, yada, yada. Can we put that stupid storyline to rest now?

More interesting is that, on the dancefloor, Daniel admits to Emily that he wishes they hadn’t called off their engagement. But before he can say too much, the cops bust in on a mad dash to arrest Conrad. As the newlywed is taken away in handcuffs, he soon realizes that Victoria probably could have given him a heads up. Oh the humanity.

At Grayson mansion, Mason pops out of nowhere to confront Victoria. Where’s security when you need it? He questions her about the whole kidnapping fiasco now that her supposed captor is dead. When Daniel huffs by with Ashley, Mason quips about him “dating the help.” She’s clearly a step down from that purebred Emily, he scoffs. To this, Victoria notes that Emily’s just a “juvie girl who cleans up nicely.” His eyes pop open and he’s hot on Emily/Amanda’s trail again. No breadcrumb’s too big for this guy, eh? 

At the Stowaway, Creepy Kara learns about Gordon Murphy’s death on the news. We then envision her running like the morphing T2 terminator to confront Victoria about the revelation. Speech slurred, she corners Vic on a balcony and peppers her with questions about the kidnapping and accuses her of knowing Murph was dead before the big reveal. We were ready for an epic lightsaber fight here or something, but nah, Creepy Kara just anticlimactically slithers back into the night.

As Conrad sits in jail for what he thinks will be forever, a woman from the Initiative shows up and offers him a way out – if he’s willing to pay the price. He eagerly agrees, and soon he’s hovering over Victoria’s bed with disdain. The “price” has yet to be revealed though.

On the aptly named boat the Amanda, Jack proposes to the human Amanda, who eagerly accepts. At the same time, Emily and Aiden clink wine glasses to celebrate their small victory. Little do they know, though, that Mason has had an a-ha moment: He has finally linked Emily and Amanda, revealing that they met at Allenwood Juvenile Detention Center. Uh oh, ladies, he’s onto you! 


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