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Q&A: Lindsay Lohan

Is she a bad girl? A mean girl? Or is she just having more fun than you?

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan recently finished work on her latest film, a remake of Disney’s The Love Bug, called Herbie: Fully Loaded. Though “fully loaded” might, in hindsight, not be the best choice of words for this point in Lohan’s career, the eighteen-year-old did have quite a year: a winning turn in Mean Girls; endless tabloid stories about her breasts, her bad behavior at nightclubs, her father’s bad behavior at nightclubs, her breasts’ bad behavior at nightclubs; and, most recently, the release of her debut album, Speak. Fans loved her realness, though Lohan should beware of growing up too fast.

As a certain other Disney star can surely attest, the road from barely legal to tragically, unmistakably legal is a fraught one: A single wrong move and a girl can go from America’s sweetheart to wiping Cheeto dust from the goatee of Husband Number Two while a lone paparazzi dozes in the bushes. Stay off the Red Bull, Lindsay!

How long did it take to make the record?
I only had, like, a month to do it. Less, actually. Like, three weeks total. This is when I was filming Herbie. I recorded six out of the twelve tracks in my trailer on set.

Did you change your schedule at all after you were hospitalized for exhaustion? Yeah, well, now I know what I can and can’t do and how much I can exert myself. For a while it was nice, though, because everyone was afraid to get me to work and stuff again. That was a nice break [laughs].

What was your favorite movie this year?
I think it’s probably going to be Closer, when I see it this weekend. [To other people in the room] What other movies were out this year? Come on, guys, think. I have two other people sitting near me, and no one can think of them. I went to the movies a lot this year on Saturdays. Wait, I went to see a really good movie! Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God. I went to see it at the Sherman Oaks, and I can’t think of it.

You can remember the theater, at least. That’s good.
I know. I remember the theater but not the movie, right? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll think of it by the end of the interview. Everyone keep thinking!

What were the best and worst parts of this past year for you?
I guess when people make up certain rumors. It gets really bad sometimes, what people say. But the good part of it is people are taking the time to make things up about me. It’s very flattering. Also, you know, when you come into this business, you aspire to have that recognition and be in those tabloids. If you’re not, it’s like nobody cares. Yeah. Then you’re wondering why they’re not writing about you.

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