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Trailers of the Week: ‘Bridgerton,’ ‘The Comeback Trail,’ ‘The Stand-In,’ and More

From a look at Shonda Rhimes’ first Netflix series to a preview of Drew Barrymore as her own doppelganger — your week in movie trailers.

lego star wars holiday speciallego star wars holiday special



Shonda Rhimes has arrived on Netflix. Leaving behind the ER and Amerian politics, her new show takes us to Regency-era England during the “social season” for those of high society. Young ladies are coming of age and entering the marriage market while suitors vie for their attention, promising plenty of drama. Only, their dramas and scandals are anything but private thanks to a new, mysterious gossip paper written by the unknowable Lady Whistledow. The writer says in a voiceover: “You may not know me, and you never shall, but be forewarned, dear reader: I certainly know you.” (December 25th)

The Comeback Trail 

Robert De Niro and Zack Braffplay two movie producers in the 1970s – who owe a heft sum to the mob. With no way to come up with the money, it appears that they’re out of luck – until inspiration literally comes crashing down. When a movie star is killed on another set, and they hear he was insured for five million, they come up with a killer plan. With a fake movie in the works and an aging action star performing stunts, they think it will be easy to collect their insurance money. Only, none of their stunt sabotages look like they’re working. (December 18th)

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

In a galaxy, far, far, away, the LEGO Star Wars characters are getting in the festive spirit to celebrate Life Day. Rey sets out on a quick adventure, but in a mysterious change of events, she finds herself propelled back in time, meeting all the icons of Star War’s past: including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, Obi-Wan. Somehow, bending space and time, The Child (a.k.a. Baby Yoda) makes an appearance, too. Despite Rey’s exciting adventure, she must make it home in time to celebrate the holiday – but that looks like it will be a challenge.  (November 17th)

The Ride

Inspired by the extreme sports legend John Buultjens’ true-life story, the new film followed John (Shane Graham) from his troubled youth to the foster family that transforms his life. A product of his upbringing, John lands in juvenile detention after a racially charged incident. His white supremacist ideas are challenged when an interracial couple (played by Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges and Sasha Alexander) brings him into their home. It seems like forming a family bond will be near impossible – until Bridges teaches the teen how to ride a bike. It’s not long before John turns from a wobbly rider to a BMX pro – with his family by his side. (November 13)


The Skyline trilogy is coming to an end. But first, Captain Rose Corley (Lindsey Morgan) must lead an elite team on a mission to the alien world. Back on Earth, an insidious virus threatens to turn the now earth-dwelling friendly alien hybrids against the human population. There might not be much of humanity that is left, but Rose and her crew are determined to save it. (December 18th)

The Stand-In

Candy Black (Drew Barrymore) used to be America’s sweetheart. Lately, though, all she gets is bad press as her life spirals out of control. When a judge sentences her to 90 days of rehab, she can’t stomach it and has her stand-in do it for her. Nobody catches on (and why would they? Berrymore plays her own double) and soon enough Candy’s doppelganger is enjoying her life more than Candy herself ever did. (December 11)


The new HBO documentary follows four kids over five years as they navigate through adolescence trying to figure out who they are. While that’s a common question for those coming-of-age, it takes on a special meaning for trans kids. Leena says in the clip, “Being a teenager is hard enough on its own. Going through puberty as someone you’re not is a lot harder.” Along with the other kids in the film, Leena faces the questions and challenges that come with her parents by her side. While Lenna has support from her grandmother, others are not as lucky. One mother describes the pain of being cut out by the rest of her family, all because she embraces her child.    (November 12)


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