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Trailers of the Week: ‘Generation,’ ‘Kenan,’ ‘Waffles + Mochi,’ and More

From Kenan Thompson’s NBC family comedy series to Michelle Obama’s culinary adventures with her new puppet pals — your week in movie and TV trailers.


The new HBO Max drama is all-in for Gen-Z.  Like most teenage stories, the characters are grappling with their sexuality, friendships, relationships, and family, but this series dives deeper into the complexities of our modern era. From new, evolving technology to changing gender norms, the social landscape is as diverse as the teens’ identities. While they embrace what makes them who they are, the conservative town they call home prefers to keep conversations quiet – especially as it relates to sexuality. (March 11th)

Boss Level

Frank Grillo plays a man stuck in a time loop, reliving the same day over and over again. However, this Groundhog’s Day trope is taken in a much more dangerous direction. Every day, Grillo faces destruction: A helicopter crashes into his apartment, his personal relationships are shattered, and a mob of enemies wants him dead – a goal they achieve each and every day. Sick of waking up each day just to die, Grillo takes the situation into his own hands and trains to take back his life. (March 5th)

Death Rider in the House of Vampires


More gore is never enough for Glenn Danzig. The Misfits founder’s latest film takes his obsession with horror to the Old West, where cowboy Death Rider (Devon Sawa) seeks sanctuary in a brothel of blood-sucking vampires. Liquid silver is poured down an unlucky person’s throat, women fight over Death Rider, and Danzig even makes an appearance himself, wearing his own cowboy hat. “Wanna drink, kid?” he asks, holding up the body of a lifeless woman, blood oozing. (2021)

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The new Marvel spinoff picks off after the events of 2019’s Avengers: Endgame – after Steve Rogers has given up his role as Captain America and Falcon has taken over in his place,  starring Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson (Falcon) and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier). From the looks of it, they aren’t quite getting along. The two men are shown in a forced mediation setting – which gets interrupted by scenes of massive explosions and larger-than-life-stunts. It seems that the only time they see eye to eye is when they’re having a staring contest. (March 19th)



Joel McHale and Kerry Bishé play that one could that everybody hates. They’re happy, for one thing, and their sex life couldn’t be more active. In short, their friends are jealous and resentful. According to an official-looking man who shows up at their house, the couple has a “defect,” and if they just inject themselves with the syringes that he brought, they could turn “normal” like everybody else. The offer is absurd, and the husband and wife rise to the same level by murdering the man. Desperate to leave town, they accept the first offer they get to leave — which is a couple’s retreat invite. However, the teaser gives its fair share of warnings that the retreat is anything but idyllic. (March 19th)


In his new NBC comedy, Kenan Thompson stars as a morning show host with a demanding life on and off-screen. To help Kenan with his two daughters at home, his father-in-law (Don Johnson) volunteers to be an extra set of live-in hands. The only issue? He seems to create more trouble than he solves. Plus, Kenan’s two daughters easily outsmart the men in charge. (February 16th)

Night of the Kings

In the middle of the Ivorian forest, the La Maca prison is ruled by its inmates, and for some, by the fate of the blood moon. With the rising of the moon, one inmate is chosen to be the “Roman,” both a storyteller and a sacrifice. When a young man who has just arrived is chosen to be the Roman, he gets a frantic piece of advice: “If you want a chance at survival, don’t let your story end.” (February 26th)

Waffles + Mochi

Michelle Obama has made some new friends: Two puppets named Waffles and Mochi who aspire to be chefs. The former First Lady plays a supermarket owner who happens to have lots of advice for the two young puppets. “If you want to be great chefs,” she says, “you have to learn about all kinds of foods.” Her advice leads Waffles and Mochi on adventures across the globe to visit restaurants, kitchens, and chefs in places like Italy, Japan, and Peru. Michelle Obama isn’t the only helping hand, either. Chefs Samin Nosrat, José Andrés, Massimo Bottura, and more make appearances to help teach the puppets what they know. (March 16)


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