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Trailers of The Week: ‘7500,’ ‘Bill and Ted 3,’ ‘Doom Patrol,’ and More

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7500 is the emergency code for an attempted airplane hijacking. But when Tobias, a young pilot portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is suddenly put in a situation where issuing the code is necessary, he quickly learns that there’s no protocol for what comes next. Determined to get into the cockpit, the terrorist threaten to kill passengers lest Tobias hands over his controls. The clip gives what can only be a glimpse into Tobias’ excruciating choice between following orders and giving in to the terrorists’ demands. (June 19)

Bill and Ted 3: Face the Music

Bill and Ted were supposed to write the song that unites the world. Instead, the now-middle aged time travelers can only draw a crowd when they play a bar’s $2 taco night. However, a visitor from the future makes it very clear that she’s unhappy with their mission’s progress. With lots of pressure and no song in mind, Bill and Ted (portrayed by Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves) fall back on old tricks and travel to the future to steal the song from themselves. (August 21)

Bully. Coward. Victim: The Story of Roy Cohn

A new documentary film examines the life of the infamous Roy Cohn, who famously prosecuted and argued for the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Directed by the Rosenberg’s grandaughter Ivy Meeropol, the film uses unearthed material and Meeropol’s unique vantage point to create a complex portrait of Cohn, both as an influential figure in politics and as a man at odds with his homosexual identity. (June 180)

Doom Patrol, Season Two

Picking up where the previous season left off, the members of the Doom Patrol remain pint-sized versions of themselves. As they grapple with this change and the traumas of their pasts, they also must come together to protect their newest member: Dorothy Spinner (Abigail Shapiro). While it’s hinted that the full range of Dorthy’s powers is unknown for now, the clip reveals that she is the daughter of Niles Caulder, a.k.a. the Chief, whose betrayal is still fresh in everyone’s minds.  (June 25)

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga 

They make their own country cringe, but that doesn’t stop Lars and Sigrit (portrayed by Will Farrell and Rachel McAdams) from entering the Eurovision Song Contest. By a stroke of luck, the Icelandic musical duo — that’s typically used to being booed while on stage – is given the chance to compete and perform for 180 million viewers. Despite rival singers, on-stage blunders, and Lars’s extremely disappointed father, the duo keeps sights on their dream, no matter how unlikely it seems. (June 26)

I’ll Be Gone In the Dark

Drawing from the late Michelle McNamara’s book of the same name, the HBO Max docuseries highlights her extensive research into the harrowing case of the Golden State Killer, who attacked women and girls throughout California. In archival footage, Michelle is shown saying, “The great tragedy of this case to me is that it’s not better known.” Elsewhere, a woman’s voiceover speaks to how the culture of victim-blaming in the early 1970s kept victims from talking about their experiences. “The story of the victims,’ says Michelle, “it has to be told.”  (June 28)


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