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Trailers of the Week: ‘Three Christs’ ‘Onward,’ ‘Honey Boy’ and More

From Pixar elves rediscovering magic to Vietnam vets fighting for overdue justice — our trailers-of-the-week round-up

Noah Jupe and Shia LaBeouf in HONEY BOYCourtesy of Amazon StudiosNoah Jupe and Shia LaBeouf in HONEY BOYCourtesy of Amazon Studios

Noah Jupe and Shia LaBeouf in 'Honey Boy.'

Amazon Studios

Honey Boy
“I want you to write an account of your memories,” says a counselor to twenty-two-year-old Otis (Lucas Hedges) at the beginning of the trailer. Here, Otis is tasked with the very thing Shia LaBeouf did to create the film’s screenplay. While the film is fictionalized, the story is also semi-autobiographical, capturing the pain of LaBeouf’s complicated relationship with his father (who LaBeouf plays in the film). The trailer pivots back in time to when twelve-year-old Otis (Noah Jupe) is rising to stardom. “I’m doing you a favor,” he tells his father, “who else is going to give a felon a job?” The clips highlight Otis’ father’s struggle with alcoholism, which he appears to have inherited as well. Jumping back into the present day, Otis says to the counselor, “The only thing my father gave me that was of any value is pain. And you want to take that away?” The trailer ends as Otis faces her offer to help him heal. The film is currently in theatres and is coming soon to Amazon Prime.


A teenage elf named Ian Lightfoot finds a tape cassette from his deceased father. His dad’s voice describes a long-ago world filled with magic as the clip shows flying unicorns, mermaids, and spell-casting wizards. “But it wasn’t easy to master,” warns his father, “so people found a simpler way to get buy,” hinting at modern-day distractions like our smartphones. Ian and his brother Barley are given a piece of this distant world when their mother finally shows them their father’s magical staff — complete with a spell to bring him back. But in the commotion of casting the spell, something goes wrong and the boys realize they’ve only brought back their father’s legs. In order to finish the spell, they must go on a road-trip quest where they learn to harness their own powers. Pixar will release the movie in 2020.


The Last Full Measure
Based on true events, the upcoming war drama tells the story of William Pitsenbarger (played by Jeremy Irvine) who served in Vietnam and saved the lives of over sixty men he did not know. Despite his sacrifice, he curiously was denied the Medal of Honor. Sebastian Stan plays Scott Huffman, the Pentagon official overseeing Pitsenbarger’s decorations review. While his investigation starts with Pitsenbarger’s parents, they direct him to the only men who have the real story — the soldiers who were there. Ed Harris, Samuel L. Jackson, and Peter Fonda (in his final role) play the veterans determined to see Pitsenbarger’s selflessness recognized. As the story unfolds, Scott discovers vital information was removed from the original action file. Despite warnings to leave the story in the past, Scott wages his own battle to find the truth. Jan. 24th.


Three Christs
Richard Gere plays a psychiatrist in the 1950s who leaves behind a teaching career to conduct research on delusional patients. The trailer shows Gere looking on as Joeseph (Peter Dinklage) is put through electroshock therapy. When he offers to help Joseph, Joesph asks to be addressed by his “proper” name, Jesus Christ. Walton Goggins and Bradley Whitford play two other patients who also claim to be the son of God. Based on a true psychological study, the trailer shows Gere sitting down with all three Jesuses in one room. “There can only be one Jesus,” he says. The trailer teases the progress and setbacks that the men face during the study from days in solitary confinement to moments of joy spent dancing in a church. As the trailer ends, Gere asks in a voiceover, “Companionship. Joy. Hope. Will I be able to over these men a means to find themselves?” Jan. 10th.

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