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Watch Kimmel Tease People With Fake Self-Lacing Shoes

‘Lie Witness News’ team touts phony footwear with added massage, heating functions

Earlier this week, Nike unveiled their first self-tying shoe, a slip-on with laces that can be tightened or loosened with an app. As Jimmy Kimmel cracked on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday, “This is the reality Back to the Future predicted, right down to Biff being the most powerful man in the world.”

While the Adapt BBs won’t be available until next month, Kimmel decided to test how ready the world was to no longer have to bend over and tie their shoes. The late-night host enlisted his crack “Lie Witness News” team and sent them out with a phony app and a pair of normal Nike slip-ons to see who would still believe their feet were experiencing the shoes of the future.

Unsurprisingly, most people were happy to tell the camera that they could feel shoes forming to their feet as the producer pretended to press a button on her phone. More so, the producer began to pretend the shoes came with a variety of added features, which the wearers also fell for.

One woman was impressed by the shoe’s “reflexology mode,” which provided a small massage, while another man found the shoe’s heating and cooling function particularly remarkable: “You can kind of feel that transition from the heat to the cooling,” he said. There was even a woman with high arches who was happy to tout the shoe’s automated arch support.

“It’s not too tight, it’s not too loose, I feel like this was the easiest thing in the whole entire world,” she said. “You wouldn’t lie about that,” the producer replied, prompting the woman to quickly say, “No.”


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