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Jon Hamm Is Not Involved in the Cardinals’ Hacking Scandal, You Guys

It wasn’t him, OK? But the longtime Redbirds fan tells Jimmy Kimmel that he’s willing to take the fall for his team

In case you’re wondering: No, Jon Hamm wasn’t involved in the St. Louis Cardinals’ hacking scandal. Believe it or not, he has better things to do with his spare time.

Everyone’s favorite sad-eyed ad man paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday and, being the longtime Cardinals fan that he is, was asked about his team allegedly hacking into the Houston Astros’ mainframe to steal information like scouting reports, trade information and statistics. You know, along the lines of what The Simpsons predicted in 1999.

After talking about how his phone nearly combusted into flames when the news broke and reminding everyone that he doesn’t actually work for the Cardinals – shocking, I know – Hamm addressed Kimmel’s question without letting his fandom cloud his vision.

“I think that whoever is responsible should be punished, as the organization has said” Hamm said. “And I think that if it’s a system-wide organizational thing, the organization should be punished. But if it’s just some dude that stole somebody’s password and broke into somebody’s thing, that guy should go down. That’s how it works”

Kimmel then asked Hamm if he’d take the fall for his beloved Redbirds if a culprit could not be found, to which he replied: “I will.”

Hey, what else would you expect from someone who loves the Cardinals so much that they dedicated an entire night and fancy bobblehead in his honor? And props to Hamm for being willing to fall on his sword for the team (and for also tossing Gummi Bears in Kimmel’s mouth): He’s the American hero we all need – surely that deserves an Emmy, right?

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