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John Oliver: ‘Of Course’ President Trump Wants to Buy Greenland

“Greenland is icy, distant and semi-autonomous — it’s exactly Trump’s type,” says Last Week Tonight host, comparing territory to Melania Trump

John Oliver isn’t surprised that President Trump wants to buy Greenland. On Sunday, Trump confirmed reports that he tasked administration officials with inquiring about purchasing the autonomous Danish country, and on Last Week Tonight, Oliver picked a hilarious way to frame that news: “Of course he fucking did. Of course he did. Greenland is icy, distant and semi-autonomous — it’s exactly Trump’s type,” he cracked, cutting to a picture of Trump’s wife, Melania.

The Greenland story dominated headlines after it broke, even prompting Greenland’s premier, Kim Kielsen, to issue a statement declaring the territory is “not for sale.” Oliver added, “If you had two-and-a-half years in your office pool of ‘when a world leader would have to tell Trump ‘You can’t buy our country,’ congratulations, you’re a big winner.”

Elsewhere on Last Week Tonight, Oliver criticized Trump’s response to the widespread, ongoing protests in Hong Kong over a proposed extradition bill that some fear would undermine citizens’ rights.

“The protest initially began over a bill that would allow China to extradite Hong Kong citizens to the mainland, which opponents feared were part of a larger plan to undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy,” Oliver said. He also noted that as protests have grown, the government has ramped-up its use of military vehicles, while protestors have taken to using lasers and umbrellas to disorient police. 

“Trump not only barely seems aware of what’s going on there, [but] he also essentially gave China a green light to do whatever they want,” he said, showing a clip of the president’s strange response to reporters on the issue. “Well, something’s probably happening with Hong Kong … because when you look at, you know, what’s going on, they’ve had riots for a long period of time,” Trump says in the clip. “And I don’t know what China’s attitude is. Somebody said that at some point they’re going to want to stop that, but that’s between Hong Kong and that’s between China, because Hong Kong is a part of China.”

Oliver fired back, “‘They’re gonna want to stop that’ is exactly the wrong message to send to China right now.” He continued, “Trump effectively giving China a tacit endorsement to use force against protesters is unfortunately not remotely surprising — he sends the wrong signals to other countries all the time. And until his term ends, we’re all just going to have to live with the fact that we now have a president who looks at America’s allies and says, ‘Go fuck yourselves,’ looks at Russia’s interference in our election and says, ‘No big deal’ and looks at Greenland and says, ‘Two hundred bucks plus Don, Jr. — final offer.'”

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