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Jimmy Kimmel Adapts Ted Cruz’s ‘Space Pirates’ Warning Into Campy Film Trailer

Fred Willard stars in wacky clip for ‘Space Force 2: Attack of the Space Pirates’

Jimmy Kimmel Live twisted Ted Cruz’s Senate warning of “space pirates” into the fake trailer for a goofy sci-fi/adventure film. The clip from Wednesday’s episode utilized the Senator’s comments from a recent subcommittee on aviation and space, in which he proclaimed, “Pirates threaten the open seas, and the same is possible in space.”

“Just when you think Ted Cruz can’t get any weirder, he goes and becomes a Scientologist on us,” Kimmel jabbed in his intro. He then cut to a clip from an actual Seventies TV movie called Space Force, starring Fred Willard — but in the spirit of rampant modern reboots, the show went a step further, recruiting the actor for the non-existent sequel, Space Force 2: Attack of the Space Pirates.

The trailer opens with Willard as the captain of a space fleet “deep in the Milky Way,” patrolling the galaxy for “threats to America.” The crew receives an incoming message from Cruz, who warns them about the looming pirate threat. “Grand Admiral Cruz, that sounds a bit ridiculous,” Willard says, before a group of said pirates attack their ship in search of “moon doubloons.”

Newsday says, ‘This film is a treasure…that should have stayed buried,'” we learn. “Buzz Aldrin calls it ‘off-putting.’ And Senator Ted Cruz proclaimed, ‘It would appear you have taken my words out of context.”


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