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Jay Leno Returns to ‘Tonight Show’ to Deliver Barbed Monologue

Former host slams Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Billy Bush and more

Last October, Jimmy Fallon “injured” himself during a monologue on The Tonight Show, giving former host Jay Leno the chance to save the day and finish the segment. Fallon and Leno repeated the same scenario Monday night, affording Leno an opportunity to tell some of the election cycle jokes that have doubtless been building up over the course of 2016. “Hillary Clinton got quite a scare tonight,” he noted. “I guess a trick-or-treater came to the door dressed as a lie detector.” 

Since Leno doesn’t appear on the show regularly, he was given wide leeway when it comes to jokes: he reached back to the infamous Trump tape — “I had a great costume this year, I put a douchebag on my head and went out as Billy Bush” — and even to the political conventions that took place over the summer. “Did you see Bill Clinton at the Democratic convention where he introduced his new campaign slogan?” Leno asked, before adopting an impression of the former president’s drawl: “I’m with her … and her, and her, and you too, darling.”

But the host soon returned to the present and the latest installment of Hillary’s email scandal. “Hillary Clinton was campaigning last week and stopped at a school where children as young as five were learning to work with computers,” Leno quipped. “The former First Lady actually took the time to show those young people how to use that all important ‘delete files’ button.”

Near the end of the monologue, Fallon recovered from his ailment and rejoined Leno for an extended riff on the poor state of the economy. “The economy is so bad,” Fallon declared, “Anthony Wiener is faxing people photos of his junk.”

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