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Hillary Clinton Offers Biden Advice on Facing Trump in ‘Reality Show’ Debate

2016 Democratic nominee praises 2020 nominee’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention

Hillary Clinton praised Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s speech at the Democratic National Convention and offered him some advice about debating Donald Trump on The Late Show Thursday, August 21st.

Clinton called Biden’s speech “positive and reassuring” and said it distinctly stood out from all the other times she heard Biden speak during their time together in the Senate and the Obama administration. “This was a speech that came from deep within himself in a way that, I hope, Americans can feel the determination, the sincerity, the profound decency that he is offering to our country.”

Stephen Colbert then asked Clinton if there was any part of her that still wished she could take another electoral crack at Trump, to which the Democratic nominee responded with a laugh, “Well no, I take cracks at him all the time!” She continued: “This election is truly existential. By that, will our democracy continue? Will we have a country that resembles, at all, who we think we are and the values undergirding us?”

With the DNC over, Biden’s next critical moment will be the first debate against Trump, September 29th, and Clinton spoke about what the nominee can expect. Clinton said Biden will be well prepared, but said he needs to recognize that this will be unlike anything else in politics.

“He is on a stage with someone who lies with impunity, with actual real delight,” Clinton said. “Who has absolutely no compunction about saying anything. Whose idea of preparation is just making stuff up and throwing it out there. So, on the one hand, you have to be prepared yourself because you owe it to the American public to try to answer the real questions. You cannot get distracted or diverted by the reality show that’s going on on the stage right next to you, because that’s what it is. And you can’t take the bait.”



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