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Flashback: Marty McFly Visits Hill Valley in October 2015

We’re finally living in the month that Marty visited in ‘Back to the Future II’

It may be hard to believe, especially since pranksters on Facebook and Twitter have been posting doctored images of the Flux Capacitor with fake dates on it for the past few years, but we’re finally living in the month that Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future II. The exact date is October 21st, 2015, so there’s still some time for flying cars and dehydrated pizza to hit the market, but it seems pretty likely that we’re going to fall short of the movie’s vision of future life.

Here’s a clip from the movie where Marty first walks into the Hill Valley of October 2015. Notice how he encounters a fax machine mailbox on the street. They were oddly confident that paper was still going to be the basis for a lot of communication in 2015. Marty was even fired by a fax. He comes across a holographic billboard for Jaws 19, directed by Max Spielberg. (A trailer for that nonexistent film was just released.) Cars are flying through the sky, and a video billboard says that “road cars” can be “hover-converted” for a mere $39,999.95.

He then comes across an antique store selling Perrier Water, a 1984 Macintosh computer, a Roger Rabbit stuffed animal, a VHS video camera, an iron, a dust buster and a sports almanac that becomes a pivotal plot point. The thin book somehow tells results of sporting events from 1950 to 2000, down to horse races at the Hill Valley track and college basketball games. It must have really small type.

In the next couple of weeks, expect to hear a lot about Back to the Future II. Beyond the spoof Jaws 19 trailer, Christopher Lloyd got back into his Doc Brown costume to film a new short to promote the 30th anniversary Blu-ray/DVD Back to the Future package. Nike and Pepsi are also getting into the act by creating limited editions of the Pepsi Perfect and the self-lacing shoes seen in the movie. The film is also returning to theaters. We’re still 12 days out from the big day, so there’s probably a lot more coming, and about a 10,000 articles on what the filmmakers got right and wrong. In the meantime, check out this video of how Hollywood envisioned this moment in history back in 1989.

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