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Watch Stephen Colbert Shred Donald Trump’s Imaginary Healthcare Plan

Late Show host recaps president’s empty promises to replace Obamacare: “At least come up with a fresh lie!”

Stephen Colbert skewered President Donald Trump’s latest sales pitch for his non-existent healthcare plan on The Late Show Tuesday.

Trump has rediscovered his obsession with healthcare in recent weeks: His administration is backing a lawsuit that would make Obamacare unconstitutional, and on Monday he went on a late-night Twitter tear, promising that he would repeal and replace the law. As Colbert noted, however, after nine years, the Republicans still have no replacement plan, and per press reports, there are no plans to make such a plan.

“So, they may not have a plan to make a plan,” Colbert cracked, “but they are working hard on a plan for you to never find out that they will never have had a plan.” 

The following afternoon, during an appearance with the head of NATO, Trump went off script and continued to tout his fantasy healthcare plan. He promised that when he unveiled the plan it would be better than Obamacare, and said America just had to wait until after the 2020 election to see it, so long as Republicans retained the presidency and Senate, and took back the house.

“But here’s the thing, we’re not dumb, we have memories — he promised the exact same thing before the last election,” Colbert said, before running a montage of Trump making healthcare promises from 2016. “At least come up with a fresh lie! He’s like an old timey traveling snake oil salesman who made it full-circle back to the prairie town where he started. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I know my mentholated arsenic spirits I sold you three years ago did not cure you, but in fact gave you psoriatic dropsy and Cooper’s Droop. But, I bring you the cure: More sweet elixir!'”



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