Clash of the Titans' Wins the Easter Box-Office Bouquet, But Why the Hell Did You See It? - Rolling Stone
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Clash of the Titans’ Wins the Easter Box-Office Bouquet, But Why the Hell Did You See It?

The 3-D remake of Clash of the Titans took in a humongous $61.4 million over the Easter weekend, despite lousy reviews and 3-D that was really 2-D retrofitted to look like it was worth your wearing special glasses for two headache-inducing hours while waiting for Liam Neeson’s Zeus to release the damned Kraken. So why did you see it? I want answers.

Did the 3-D pull you in? Grosses from 3-D venues repped 52 percent of the total take.

Are you attracted to epic stories about ancient Greek myths?

Did star Sam Worthington so impress you in Avatar that you had to see what he’d do with the role of Perseus, the bastard son of Zeus?

Are you a fan of the 1981 version of Clash of the Titans with Lord Laurence Olivier as Zeus and Harry Hamlin as Perseus?

Is anything with monsters such as Medusa and a roaring sea beast like the Kraken enough to get your box-office dollars?

Did the trailer and the promo ads on TV make you say, “I gotta see this!”?

Final Questions: Was Clash of the Titans worth what you paid for it, meaning an extra six bucks if you sprung for a 3-D ticket? Did the special effects strike you are better, worse or about the same as those in Avatar? How would you rate the movie on a scale of 1 to 100?


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