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Cameron Crowe Invites Jimmy Fallon to Play His Character on Upcoming ‘Almost Famous’ Musical

Writer-director also shares first time he interviewed David Crosby for Rolling Stone

While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss the new documentary David Crosby: Remember My Name, Cameron Crowe and Jimmy Fallon reminisced about Almost Famous, Crowe’s semi-autobiographical 2000 film that Fallon had a role in.

Fallon played big-time Stillwater manager Doug Hope, who was brought in to replace the meager Dick Roswell (Noah Taylor). Fallon, wearing comically large aviator eyeglasses and a brown leather jacket, boasts about his qualifications to the band while sharing a pretty insane outlook on the future. “If you think Mick Jagger will still be out there trying to be a rock star at age 50, then you are sadly, sadly mistaken.” Oh, and he also confessed to a hit-and-run while he and the band nearly plummeted to their deaths.

Crowe, sitting on the couch with David Crosby, detailed his upcoming Almost Famous musical, ensuring Fallon that his character has been written into it. “And when we get to Broadway — hopefully — it is there for you to hop in and play on any given night.” Fallon excitedly jumped up and down, claiming “Dude, this is the best night of my life.” 

Crowe and Crosby also shared their wildly different perspectives on the first time they met each other. Crowe, who got to interview Crosby for Rolling Stone at the mere age of sixteen, fondly recalls being “so anxious to interview one of my musical heroes,” as he asked the musician questions from a thick notebook. Crosby, stifling laughter, shares his view of that day: “What I actually did was stick a joint in his mouth and introduce him to a bunch of girls.”

Crosby — who performed a soulful “Long Time Gone” backed by the Roots — told Fallon to “never say never” about a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young reunion. As he recently told Rolling Stone, “All these guys I used to work with are saying I’m just impossible and unreasonable,” he says. “They are doing their level best to paint a picture of me that is pretty bad. Hopefully this will paint a picture that’s more honest. I just hope they see it.”


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