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Watch Borat Return to Meddle With Midterms on ‘Kimmel’

Sacha Baron Cohen also detailed how he pulled off ‘Who Is America?’ pranks on Dick Cheney and Jason Spencer

Sacha Baron Cohen revived his Borat character on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday for a segment that featured the Kazakhstani journalist interviewing unsuspecting voters and meddling with the midterm elections.

While canvassing a neighborhood, Borat learns that women can vote and discusses the Trump administration’s border separation policy. “We hear the nasty fake news people say that President Trump is bad to immigrant children. We hear that he keep immigrant children in cages. Is that true? High five,” Borat tells one Trump-supporting woman.

“So many came over here, they had to be somewhere,” the woman responded.

Borat asked another Trump supporter. “What make Premier Trump such a good Premier? Who are the fake news that says he’s not a racist. What is the problem with being a racist? I am racist, it is nice. He is racist against Muslims, he is racist against Jews, he is racist against all peoples, yes?”

Upon arriving at the polling station, Borat says, “It is good to see democracy in action… Not.”

Cohen was visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday to promote the DVD release of Who Is America?, the actor’s controversial Showtime series where he pranked politicians like Dick Cheney, Dana Rohrabacher and Roy Moore, and convinced one Georgia politician to scream racial epithets that led to his resignation.

On Kimmel, Cohen detailed how he pulled off his elaborate ruses on Cheney, who autographed a waterboard, and Rohrabacher, who recommended arming three-year-old children.

Cohen also talked at length about the final Who Is America? interview, his attempt to coax a murder confession out of O.J. Simpson“The aim was to, I was trying to get him to confess to the alleged murders, which is ambitious,” he said. “So I actually trained a little bit with one of the top FBI interrogators. Not very successful, because I didn’t get O.J. to confess.”


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