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Super Bowl Commercials Get Super Weird With Lindsay Lohan, Austin Powers Reunion and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus

From the best celebrity cameos to head-scratching moments, here’s your preview of some of the most notable commercials come Sunday night



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It’s certainly been a football season to remember, from the stark shadow of coronavirus that hung over pretty much everything, to the retirement of the NFL’s favorite son, Tom Brady himself. It was a rollicking few months that has culminated into yet another Super Bowl, the 56th annual big dance, as the eyes of the nation watch the Los Angeles Rams play for a second championship title as Cincinnati’s Bengals try to capture their very first.

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But for all of the touchdowns and terrible plays and the fumbles and false-starts from hiking to halftime, the world is well aware that the best part of the Big Game will not have anything to do with what goes on the field at SoFi Stadium. No, ladies and gentlemen, the best thing about the Super Bowl are the ads.

What Are the Best 2022 Super Bowl Commercials?

Fortunately for a salivating nation who lives and dies on water-cooler moments, 2022’s class of ads are just as insane and manic as the times we currently live in. From the stark, stark pall of Pete Davidson to those pesky galloping Budweiser horses, here’s your preview of some of the most notable commercials come Sunday night.

Amazon: “Mindreader”

Ah, the life of Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost, a Hollywood power couple who has never professionally collaborated, no doubt barred by the peaceful and noble sanctity of holy matrimony. Unless of course Amazon offers them what’s no doubt an absolutely disgusting amount of can’t-turn-this-down money. If you were wondering where your monthly Prime membership fees were going, it’s to make this (admittedly funny) ad where NSA surveillance machines Alexa gains the ability to read minds. “Idris Elba Says Things”

As the ultimate badass, the CDC recently released guidance that says Idris Elba’s voice can not only heal any ailment, but nine times out of ten works as an instant aphrodisiac. Perhaps that’s why recruited the maybe-future James Bond for their Big Game spot where Elba takes us through the ins and outs of the company. It’s a pretty standard ad, but throw in some of that Elba magic and you have something special.

Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda: “Land of Loud Flavors”

Throughout food personality Guy Fieri’s long career, he’s been talking a whole lot about a mystical place called Flavortown. But for far too long, historians and researchers have tried to figure out where this mysterious Flavortown was. And for that matter, what is it like there? Does it rain sour cream? Are there mountains of paprika? Well, our friends at Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda have given us our answer with a stunning endeavor to the secluded spot. Turns out the place is filled with bright colors, frosted hair and massive sunglasses. We could have guessed that.

TurboTax: “Matchmaker”

There are few things in life worse than doing your taxes. In fact the only things comparable are root canals, getting stuck in traffic, or being forced to overhear a MAGA rally blasting on TV when you visit your family. The folks at TurboTax always use Super Sunday to hawk their accounting software, but did you know that sites like TurboTax advocate for keeping our taxes as complicated as possible in order for us to rely on their software? They even helped make it illegal for the IRS to roll out their own free tax software, which would have put sites like TurboTax out of business. Not even someone as beloved as Jason Sudeikis can distract us from that sad fact.

Budweiser: “A Clydesdale’s Journey”

Budwesier has been putting horses, specifically Clydesdales, in their Super Bowl commercials since the kids from Euphoria were a twinkle in their parent’s eyes. This year is no different, with the beer company employing their famous galloping mascots for a rootin’ tootin’ spot which also features another annual Big Game ad favorite: a dog. Missing, however, is any sign of a beer. The ad does make us want to visit the horses at their Missouri ranch, though.

Avocados from Mexico: “#AlwaysGood”

Every year, Avocados from Mexico use Super Bowl Sunday to hawk their namesake fruit to crack open a perfectly ripened commercial and make some capitalist guacamole. Featuring a cameo from Andy Richter (coming down from his run on TBS’s Conan), their 2022 ad focuses on a tailgate at the Roman Colosseum, and take a wild guess what the snack of choice is. The whole shebang is just another sign of Big Avocado seeping their smooth green hands into daily life.

Peacock: “Bel Air”

This is a story all about how

There’s a reboot comin’ to make you go, “Wow”

And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there

And hear how The Fresh Prince is back in this spot for Bel Air.

The Fresh Prince reboot gets prime promotion in this Super Bowl spot from Peacock.

BMW USA: “Zeus and Hera”

Where does the Greek God Zeus and Goddess Hera go when it’s time to retire? Palm Springs, California of course! But in lieu of kicking back at go-to spots like the ACE or hiking the nearby San Jacinto Mountains, the two are invigorated by a brand spankin’ new electric car courtesy BMW. It’s a true hero’s journey, brought to life by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Selma Hayek, with an obligatory dog playing the part of Pegasus thrown in for good measure.

Taco Bell: “The Grande Escape”

Get in loser, it’s time to take a joyride to Taco Bell with none other than Doja Cat. The caliente pop princess of the moment stars in this LVI ad for the fast food giant as Ms. Cat zips on over to grab some grub. Soundtracking the bizarre proceedings (making Stephen King proud, the spot features a gang of creepy clowns) is a brand new song courtesy Doja in the form of a cover of Hole’s 1998 track “Celebrity Skin.” Does it make us want to eat Taco Bell? Probably not. But do we now want to listen to Doja and Hole all day? Si!

Michelob Ultra: “Welcome to Superior Bowl”

In this homage to The Big Lebowski, Steve Buscemi is manning the desk at a bowling alley when none other than NFL superstar Peyton Manning walks in to roll some strikes. It’s an ad that has all of the ingredients of a superior spot: a beloved actor, a football hero, a beloved retro movie and even a memorable cameo courtesy Serena Williams. Throw in the fact that it’s all set to Electric Light Orchestra’s 1973 tune “Showdown” and you have yourself a classic spot.

General Motors: “#EVerybodyIN”

Mike Myers is no stranger to Super Bowl commercial appearances as just last year the veteran comedian popped up in UberEats’ Big Game spot alongside Dana Carvey as they resurrected their Wayne’s World characters. This time around Meyers is joined by the likes of Seth Green, Rob Lowe and Mindy Sterling as they revive their characters from the Austin Powers franchise in this General Motors commercial that zeroes in on climate change. So, I guess we can consider this Austin Powers 4?

Planet Fitness: “What’s Gotten Into Lindsay?”

It’s proving to be Super Throwback Sunday with everything from The Fresh Prince to Austin Powers and The Big Lebowski back in our lives. So it stands to reason another throwback queen has returned to grace us with her presence. Lindsay Lohan stars in this ad that also features a grabbag cast including Dennis Rodman, Danny Trejo and William Shatner and makes us remember Lohan’s good ol’ days, from Mean Girls to this picture.

Lay’s: “Golden Memories”

When one is anointed People’s Sexiest Man Alive, there are some duties that go with the territory. Just ask Paul Rudd, the officially-annointed stud-of-all-studs who lately blanketed screens big and small in the form of The Shrink Next Door and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. He continues his royal tour starring alongside pal Seth Rogen in this hilarious ad for Lay’s in which the two reflect on their friendship. And yes, that does include singing along to Shania Twain’s seminal ballad “You’re Still the One.”

Hellman’s: “Mayo Tackles Food Waste”

If you thought that Jost’s Saturday Night Live co-star Pete Davidson was getting breathlessly reported on as if he’s dating a Kardashian or something, the comedian ups the attention ante on Sunday with his appearance in an ad for, well, a condiment. Hellman’s Big Game spot features former Patriot Jerod Mayo (get it?) as he tackles (get it?) food waste. It’s all capped off with a line courtesy of Davidson who utters what everybody is thinking.

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