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Another Wolverine Movie? Forget It

Two spinoffs is enough for the man with adamantium claws. Here are four mutants that deserve a film of their own.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in The WolverineHugh Jackman as Wolverine in The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in 'The Wolverine'

Ben Rothstein

It’s been fun to watch Hugh Jackman as the rough and tough Wolverine over the past 13 (!) years, and this summer’s X-Men spinoff The Wolverine offered all the goodies a fanboy could want: As Jackman’s Logan takes off to Japan on a mysterious quest, he’s seen battling a giant robot samurai, falling in love with the beautiful heiress to a tech company and even performing open-heart surgery on himself with one of his claws.

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But for all his rippling muscles and immortal badassery, Wolverine can be a little tiresome, what with his bad attitude and weird haircut. Now, Deadline is reporting that Twentieth Century Fox is working out plans to release yet another installment of The Wolverine, which will be the third X-men spinoff to date focusing on the iconic antihero. In an effort to avoid adamantium burnout, here are four other mutants that deserve a share of the superhero spotlight.

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Aside from Magneto, Mystique is the most sinister supervillain of all the X-Men movies. A ferocious shapeshifter with lizard-y blue skin, she brims with mutant pride and often uses it to malevolent effect. Alas, she ends up losing her powers in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, becoming her worst enemy – a human – when she gets shot with a cure gun. A new film could follow Mystique as she wanders the world in this new, inferior state, trying to find a place for herself in it, making for a powerful investigation of mutant identity.

This onetime member of a German circus possesses superhuman agility, teleportation powers and serious style – it’s hard to say what’s cooler, his pointed tail or his thick German accent. He first appears in the X-Men comics as a bit of a trickster, and he’s responsible for some of the funniest moments in X2: X-men United, but he takes his Catholic faith very seriously. All in all, though he isn’t as central to the films as Logan and the rest, a spinoff starring old Kurt Wagner could go either way – heady religious drama or lighthearted circus fun.

In the X-Men comics, Storm has led a long and rich life. The daughter of a Kenyan princess, she learns the art of thievery on the streets of Cairo and later adopts punk style (leather pants, leather top, white Mohawk) in the Eighties. She even once beat Cyclops in a one-on-one duel over the leadership of the X-Men. Critics mostly hated X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But if the filmmakers did something similar with this weather-controlling mutant, they’d have plenty to work with.

For all the mutants that X-Men fans know and love, there are countless others that aren’t nearly as well known. Perhaps the most whimsical is a villain by the name of Eye-Scream, who’s able (we kid you not) to turn into any flavor of ice cream he wants. According to, Eye-Scream once hatched a plan to destroy the venerable X-Men because “their powers made his look stupid.” If Marvel ever wanted to go full-comedy, well, they know who to call.

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