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7 Things We Learned From Boba Fett Actor’s Reddit AMA

‘Star Wars’ actor Jeremy Bulloch on the cult of the bounty hunter and how much he really got paid to deliver Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt

Jeremy Bulloch, Star Wars, Boba FettJeremy Bulloch, Star Wars, Boba Fett

Jeremy Bulloch

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Jeremy Bulloch, the man behind the mask of Boba Fett, put a bounty on our hearts during a charming AMA on Reddit, where he touched on everything from his favorite moments on the Star Wars set to the cult of Boba Fett and the extra jet pack he would’ve added to the bounty hunter’s already badass costume.

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While Bulloch regaled fans with tales from the original Star Wars trilogy, he was also there to promote Star Wars: Force For Change, a new campaign that will give one lucky fan the chance to appear in the highly anticipated Episode: VII. The campaign will also raise money to benefit UNICEF’s Innovation Labs and programs to help children in need.

We’ve compiled some of Bulloch’s most entertaining anecdotes from his time as Boba Fett, plus the real reason why the bounty hunter probably survived his fall into the sarlacc pit: “Boba Fett’s too cool to actually get trapped.”

1. Someone Tattooed Bulloch’s Signature on His Arm 
“I remember someone coming and saying, ‘Hey, Jeremy look at this!’ And they pulled up their shirt and there was a tattoo of Boba Fett. He said, ‘Could you just sign this, Mr. Bulloch? It would be very nice of you!’ So with a felt-tip pen, I signed my name. Not long after that, this guy comes up to me and said, ‘Look Mr. Bulloch!’ There was his sizzling flesh with my name, which I had written. He had it tattooed right on his bare flesh.” (Side note: The same guy later commented with visual proof).

2. His Shoe Size Helped Him Score the Role
“Well it wasn’t pitched. It was a role where my half-brother was the associate producer. He said, ‘I know you’re in the theater right now, could you maybe work a couple of days on the film?’ But that’s how it happened… it was pure luck. Luckily the outfit fit perfectly. The helmet fit. The boots were a size 10, and I’m a size 10. When I met George Lucas, he said, ‘Welcome aboard Jeremy. It’s not a big role.’ But it ended up being a bigger role than we all expected.

3. He Had to “Do Nothing” to Solidify His Place in Star Wars History 
“I think my favorite part of the film was in Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi because I spent nearly 10 days in that palace. It was very hot. But you’re just doing nothing. What makes me laugh is that people say, ‘I love the way you do this and that,’ and you’re just there. Boba Fett standing still is much cooler than saying a line. It was just a lovely job to do.”

4. He Explains Why a Bit Character Became a Phenomenon
“I think the main reason is there’s something about the costume. I remember the very first day I put the costume on and looked in the mirror [and said], ‘Yes that looks good!’ There’s just something about it you don’t know what’s going to happen. He has all these gadgets, he has jetpacks, and knee pads. It’s not just me, it’s the character Boba Fett. There’s something serious about him.”

5. He Fell Onto the Floor With Darth Vader and Flubbed Lines
“We were rehearsing the carbon-freezing scene. I was treading on Darth Vader’s cape and we fell over and two of the biggest villains were floundering on the floor. We looked like two silly children… There’s a part where I turn to an Imperial officer and say, ‘Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold,’ but I actually said ‘Put Captain Cargo in the Solo hold.’ Luckily I didn’t have to tell anybody because you can’t hear what I’m saying under the mask. But I didn’t have any lines…How on earth with so few lines could I make a mistake??”

6. He Drew Inspiration From Clint Eastwood 
“Actors always put their own little bit in, and really what I used to do is look in the mirror in the morning and just stand in a certain way. I always remembered that [Boba Fett and] Clint Eastwood, in A Fistful of Dollars, had the same sort of cape. He stands up and he’s looking at someone and takes a draw of a cigarette, all done in slow motion, and that’s how I felt Boba Fett should be: all done in slow motion. He has time, he’s never rushing around. His movement its very literal and that’s what he does.”

7. He Revealed How Much Jabba the Hutt gave Boba Fett for delivering Han Solo 
“$22. That’s all. They don’t pay much. That’s the sad thing.”

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