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‘Idiocracy’ 2016: 20 Movies That Predicted Trump’s Rise

From ‘Citizen Kane’ to ‘Team America,’ a cinematic primer on the political career of the Donald

"Where did this come from, and how could it happen?" This is the question you may well ask as you eyeball the angry orangutan in the $2,000 suit, while trying to make third-grade sense of his daily caterwauling.
 But oh, ye naive pup, it is nothing new. The matrix of accidental power, stupefying ignorance, back-alley ethics, "love the uneducated!" pandering, and kick-the-mud-people scare tactics has been a fact of American politics since John Adams called Alexander Hamilton a "bastard brat" whose "superabundance of secretions he couldn't find enough whores to absorb!"

Trump hasn't popped off about his rival's superabundance of secretions yet, but he might be the perfect storm of all this shit, and it should be no surprise that the paradigm has reared its head in movies, going back almost to their beginnings. You won't get the whole package as we have it today — how could you? — but you can find DNA cropping up all over the place. So we thought it'd be helpful in this most surreal of election years to offer some cinematic context for what is, to most of us, an inexplicable mirage of savage weirdness: 20 movies that, if not predicting that the Orangeman cometh, fairly burst with varying degrees of Trumpitude.


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