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Fall Movie Preview 2019: Jokers, Jedis and Singing, Dancing Cats

From scary clowns to singing calicos, neurotic supervillains to real-life superheroes — the 50 movies you need to see this fall

Let’s face it: Unless you were a young man who woke up in a world without Beatles or you happened to be a Disney shareholder, it’s been a rough summer movie-wise. Can’t-miss franchises gave us new entries that missed spectacularly; A-list comedies did D-list box office; reboots bored audiences senseless. Sleeper hits were few and far between, and usually had A24 stamped on them. By mid-July, you could already feel moviegoers saying: Thanks for Avengers: Endgame and all, but can the Fall Movie start a little earlier this year, please?

It’s not like you won’t get summer-movie–type fare once the leaves start turning crisp and brown — peruse the 50 movies we’ve highlighted below, all of which drop after Labor Day but before New Year’s Eve, and you’ll find superhero-related blockbusters (Joker), sequels (It: Chapter Two, Frozen 2, Rambo: Last Blood) and a project featuring the words “Star Wars” prominently in the title (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker). Autumn is no longer an all prestige-drama, all the time situation, man can’t live on important-people biopics alone.

But what’s great about the Fall Movie Season circa 2019 is that it’s now possible to get a well-balanced cinematic diet over a four-month period. There’s plenty of what the kids call “Oscarbait” hitting theaters before the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31st. There is also Hollywood action movies and romantic comedies, both highbrow and high-concept sci-fi, literary adaptations, animated family fare, biblical sagas, big-budget epics by brand-name auteurs, Broadway musicals, old-school murder mysteries, French cop procedurals, British horror movies, South Korean social satires, and even a few projects filed under “unclassifiable” (lookin’ at you, Jojo Rabbit).

No matter what your particular tastes are, you’ll find something in our Fall Movie Preview that feels tailored just for you. Hopefully, you’ll find a few things outside your normal viewing habits and will seek those out as well. Regardless, these are the 50 films we’re excited about, curious about, invested in and/or 99-percent sure will be the ones generating non stop chatter well into next year. From Jokers to Jellicles — here’s what to check out this season.


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