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13 Horror Filmmakers You Need to Know

Meet the next wave of moviemakers who’ll scare you to death

Horror Filmmakers; Goodnight Mommy; The Babadook; The WitchHorror Filmmakers; Goodnight Mommy; The Babadook; The Witch

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Horror, more so than any other type of film, seems to have an unquenchable thirst for new blood.

Maybe, as The Cabin in the Woods suggested, it's to appease the appetites of the Ancient Ones. Or — less likely, but still somewhat plausible — it's because horror movies are suspended between tradition and novelty. As anyone who's seen the Scream movies knows all too well, the genre has hard rules that filmmakers love to tweak and audiences expect to be followed. But no other kind of film is as aware of, and devoted to, its own tropes. And no other kind of cinema is as hell-bent on finding new ways of violating them to create something new.

But the changing of the guard can be hard to notice, because horror's breakthrough filmmakers have an uncanny knack for emerging from the shadows fully formed. These are people who are pushing the genre forward with the urgency of someone being chased by demons. From body horror to documentary, Satanists to puritans, the tightknit U.S. festival scene to the deceptively bucolic fields of Austria's farmland, the next wave of gore and ghastliness is nearly as diverse as the dark obsessions that drive its makers.

These are the 13 new horror filmmakers you need to know, if only so you can put a name to your future nightmares. A few work in pairs, others fly solo — all of them will scare the daylights out of you.

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