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10 Worst TV Spin-Offs

From ‘Beverly Hill Buntz’ to ‘Brady Brides,’ here are the creme de la crud of TV series sequels

'Joanie Loves Chachi,' 'Joey' and 'Brady Brides''Joanie Loves Chachi,' 'Joey' and 'Brady Brides'

Everett (2); NBC

There have been many attempts to take characters from popular shows — your housemaids, your second bananas, your vampire boyfriends, your visiting aliens from the planet Ork — and base entire new series around them, in the hope extending a brand or keeping that fan-based excitement alive and kicking. Often, these shows can turn into unexpected hits; once or twice, they’ve even managed to become superior to the originals. Occasionally, however, these spin-offs manage to spin off of a cliff and into the abyss: For every Mash, there is a potential AfterMASH, waiting in the wings to soil a show’s good name forever.

We imagine that the makers of Better Call Saul, the highly anticipated prequel to Breaking Bad that’s debuting this weekend, are praying for a best-case scenario here. We also hope that they’ve looked at the following 10 case studies of broken, bad TV spin-offs and have learned valuable lessons from these failures. Not even Saul Goodman could have gotten these TV-series Hindenburgs out of a jam.


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