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Trailers of the Week: ‘The Punisher,’ Lorena Bobbitt Doc, ‘Billions’

From two Jordan Peele-produced streaming shows to the return of two men-behaving-badly series — your trailer round-up of the week

Marvel's The PunisherMarvel's The Punisher

Jon Bernthal as Marvel's 'The Punisher.'

Cara Howe/Netflix

It’s a big week for streaming service trailers — we’ve got one Hulu doc on the world’s most famous sex doctor, and no less than five (!) Netflix-related projects dropping clips. Plus Amazon gives us a brief peek at its Jordan Peele-produced Lorena Bobbitt doc, and YouTube shows off its Jordan Peele-produced sci-fi anthology show. All this, plus a look at a returning premium cable favorite. Here’s your trailer round-up of the week.

Ask Dr. Ruth
“You’re not going to believe this woman: She has a deep German accent and talks about sex … I think we should do something with her.” And thus, a legend was born! This Hulu doc on Dr. Ruth Westheimer (which, in collaboration with Magnolia Pictures, will also be getting a theatrical run later this year) reminds us that once upon a time, a tiny woman with a Teutonic lilt and a penchant for now-the-penis-is-inserted-into-the-vagina factoids became a pop cultural star. There will be vintage talk-show clips, proof that she was also free-speech advocate and reminders that, at age 90, she’s still schooling folks on the facts of life.

Billions, Season 4
Showtime’s primo rich-men-behaving-badly drama is back — well, it’s back on March 17th, in any case — and the first look at the new season suggests former enemies Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti are teaming up in the name of political aspirations (and we assume backstabbing power plays as well). Also, you should expect a lot of dark-wood dens, modern-deco offices, terse looks between people in suits, a snazzy Asia Kate Dillon out for blood and Maggie Siff declaring “You can get with it or get fucked.” Yeah, they know why we watch this show.

I mean, it’s a music festival in the Bahamas, filled with models and co-created by Ja Rule — like, what could go wrong? Maybe you’ve read about the flaming Hindenburg that was the Fyre Festival, and know just how fucked up things did indeed get. If not, documentarian Chris Smith (American Movie) will give you an all-access pass to one of the greatest music-biz debacles of the 21st century. It launches on Netflix (and hits select theaters) on January 18th.

Apparently, in the near future, Earth will become uninhabitable. Humanity will flee to Jupiter’s moon, known as IO. And one last scientist (Margaret Qualley) is determined to stay on our broken blue marble and find a way to fix things. Only the final shuttle to the distant planet is leaving ASAP. Also there’s a dude (Anthony Mackie) who just showed up and is complicating things. Who likes post-apocalyptic sci-fi? It premieres on Netflix on January 18th.

Jordan Peele produced this four-part docuseries for Amazon about John and Lorena Bobbitt, the couple who made news back in the early 1990s when, after years of being abused, she decided to take the law into her own hands. Specifically, she took a knife in one hand, her husband’s penis in the other, and … well, [squirming] maybe you should watch the trailer. It premieres on February 15th; regrettably, you can’t watch it with your spouse or partner on Valentine’s Day. Or maybe not-so-regrettably.

Who here still misses the NBC show Hannibal? [Raises hand] The former Mr. Lecter, Mads Mikkelsen, plays The Black Kaiser — the world’s top assassin. He wants to hang up his guns and knives after decades of killing, which, well … you know how his industry views retirement. The trailer plays up the chilly landscapes, colorful characters and carnage of the source material; you can totally tell this came from a graphic novel. It premieres on Netflix on January 25th.

The Punisher, Season 2
It starts with a violent bar fight and ends with Frank Castle handing his new sidekick a bloodied wad of dollar bills. In between those moments, the first official trailer for this Marvel/Netflix series — one of the last standing team-ups between the two juggernauts, we get violence, knife fights, machine-gun fire, violence, a scarfaced Ben Barnes, violence, guys in skull masks, broken bones, violence, vans crashing off of bridges and more violence. We’re sensing a trend here. Also kudos on the use of Alice in Chains’ “Would.” It premieres January 18th.

Velvet Buzzsaw
Personally, we like when Jake Gyllenhaal gets weird — and this thriller from  Nightcrawler writer/director Dan Gilroy looks like it’s a showcase for a very out-there Jake. He’s a mover and shaker in the modern-art world who stumbles across a young woman (Zawe Ashton) with a series of paintings done by a deceased man in her apartment building. These canvases make their way to market, where they become sought after by rich collectors … only there’s something a little creepy about them. It premieres at the Sundance Film Festival later this month then hits Netflix on February 1st.

Weird City
What, you want more Peele on your TV/laptop? Ok, how about a bizarre anthology show co-created by the Get Out director and one of his Key and Peele writers, Charlie Saunders? The kind where famous folks like Michael Cera, Gillian Jacobs, LeVar Burton, Awkwafina, Laverne Cox, Rosario Dawson, Steven Yuen, Ed O’Neill and many, many more show up in weird, future-shocked scenarios — some hilarious, others scary as hell? We have your attention now. Good. Check out the trailer for this YouTube original, which hits February 13th. This could be the unexpected, left-field hit of the season.



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