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Trailers of the Week: ‘Dark Phoenix,’ ‘Fosse/Verdon,’ D.J. Idris Elba

From an action-packed preview of the most famous X-Men storyline ever to a first look at FX’s Broadway-legends bio-series

BV_0150_v0028_SNL.1231 – Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain in Twentieth Century Fox’s DARK PHOENIX. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.BV_0150_v0028_SNL.1231 – Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain in Twentieth Century Fox’s DARK PHOENIX. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.

Jessica Chastain and Sophie Turner in the upcoming X-Men movie 'Dark Phoenix.'

Twentieth Century Fox

What dropped trailer-wise over the past week, you ask? How about action-filled clips for both a cult-superhero reboot and the upcoming redo of the most famous all-powerful-mutant-run-amuck tale of them all? We also get sneak peeks at FX’s upcoming bio-series about Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon, and Netflix’s D.J. Idris Elba dramedy. Oh, and a new Detective Pikachu teaser, now with 42% more Ryan Reynolds snark. Check ’em out.

Dark Phoenix
X-Men fans know that this storyline — in which Jean Grey (Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner) goes from being a powerful mutant to something like a vengeful god, causing untold chaos and destruction — is a key part of the comic’s mythology. Everyone else, well, they just want a thrilling superhero adventure that examines what happens when unchecked power runs amuck. Judging from the action-packed yet fairly serious new trailer, this second take on the “Dark Phoenix” saga looks like it’s going to keep both demographics happy. Also, this is supposed to be the final go-round for numerous actors who’ve been involved with the franchise, so expect fatalities and some harsh farewells. Opens June 7th.

She was a Tony-winning dancer, a musical-comedy actress and Broadway legend. He was a choreographer with an insouciant style all his own and a thing for hats. They met, fought, fell in love, fought a little more more, got married, made incredible work together and then, for good measure, fought some more after that. This FX show gives you the whole Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon shebang from first hip shakes to final goodbyes and all that jazz in between. Sam Rockwell (!) is the Cabaret director and Michelle Williams is the Sweet Charity star that was his muse, collaborator and life partner. If this razzle-dazzle trailer does not make you want binge all of this series ASAP, we don’t know what to tell you. It starts April 9th.

Remember that first trailer for the upcoming reboot of the Jolly Red Hellspawn Giant, the one that dropped a few months back? It was … fine. David Harbour seemed to make for a good Hellboy. Director Neil Marshall (The Descent, many Game of Thrones battle scenes) looked like he was going to do a bang-up job with the action sequences. Plus we’re always happy to see American Honey‘s Sasha Lane and Lost‘s Daniel Dae Kim getting screen time, and who doesn’t love Ian McShane? Then this new redband trailer dropped, and holy shit! This looks twisted, violent, foul-mouthed — and appears to capture Mike Mignola’s tortured hero to a tee. In other words: Yes! Opens April 12th.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu
The kids, they love this little Pikachu! With his little Sherlock Holmes hat and his Ryan Reynolds voice and his addiction to coffee! The second trailer for this upcoming live-action(ish) Pokemon movie plays up the movie-star snark and the mismatched partners/buddy comedy dynamic to the Nth degree. You also get a better sense of how big this take on the game’s collect-’em-all world and its creatures is going to be. You’re either really looking forward to this — like, really looking forward — or you are currently scratching your head and rubbing your temples. Either way, this hits theaters on May 10th.

Turn Up Charlie
What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the name Idris Elba? “Oh, that famous D.J.” — that’s what you thought, right? In addition to being a wonderful actor and the Official Sexiest Man of the 21st Century, our man Elba also spins records under the moniker D.J. Big Driis; he was the one providing the soundtrack at Prince Harry’s wedding. And this new Netflix series gives you, the home viewer, the chance to see his skills on the wheels of steel as he plays a former superstar D.J. trying on the comeback trail. Also he’s moonlighting as a nanny for a rich friend’s tween daughter, so you get sick beats and a story of a man learning to be a nurturing father figure while dealing with mondo sass! It premieres March 15th.


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